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Nature Lovin’ Super Mama
An honest, fresh, natural perspective from the Tip of the Mitt, Michigan
from a nature loving mama who’s walking the crazy path and enjoying
all the adventures that go along with it.

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips
I blog about my kids… the especially needy one who is Deaf and Tube Fed
and the normal cute one…AND…
…I drink and swear.
(From Lee: I checked this chick out. Her kid was born with the same issue (CDH) that Karen of MWOB’s miracle child was. Her blog is raw and honest and I love it.)

“It may not always be real pretty, but it will always be pretty real.”

Under the Influence
In a previous life, also known as “before children”, I was under the influence
of many different agents, some legal, some not.
Now that I’m all grown up, I am under the influence of motherhood,
marriage and suburban hell, oops, I mean suburban life.
And I’m blogging about it.

(From Lee: I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning of my journey here.
She’s real, funny, and smart. Check her out.)

“Ignorance is Bliss”

An illuminating place where honest and beautiful writing celebrates
the extraordinary in our ordinary lives as women and mothers.
(From Lee: I wrote this for Heather ’cause she was having a hard time with
the description of her blog. I hope it does her blog justice.
Her space IS extraordinary and is a must-visit.)

You just never know what will inspire a person to face the day….but I do so try.
We all need to be reminded that when one door closes –
there WILL be another that opens
(even if it’s just a window).

Crafting motherhood and writing together in the same pen stroke.

Life Makes Me Laugh
An eternal optimist’s view on life – there is always a silver lining
even if you have to search through a hundred yards of fabric to find it.

Something new to laugh about every week!
Jules is a mother of four who never knits, rarely bakes but always
appreciates a good laugh.

A Day in the Life
A mom of two in suburban Canada, trying to stay urban,

and blogging with coffee and/or drinks in hand while waxing poetic about life.

Piece of Cake
A Los Angeles mom of four bringing you witty, humorous, heartfelt stories
from the trenches of motherhood.

(From Lee: Not only is she a talented writer and photographer, Laura also bakes and decorates
insane cakes out of her family kitchen. Her blog is a must visit. Seriously.)

claritychaos button

Boy Crazy
A realistic optimist searching for clarity in the chaos,
Boy Crazy writes with wit and raw honesty as a mother of three,
a lover of life, and a teller of stories.
(From Lee: She’s a new fave. Her description says it all.)

We Are All Enlisted
A frazzled, but stubborn, mom of 5 who oh, so doesn’t have it all together!
Harlene writes to us: “My blog serves as evidence that everyone can
feel good about their own lives!”

She’s a 30-something NON-mom WITH blog giving you
your daily dose of whimsy mixed with thinking too much!

(From Lee: But when Sassy DOES become a mom, she is so the MWOB mentality.)

A kinda funny blog about a semi-single mom
and her adventures in dating, life, and work.
Family, chaos, parenting, marriage, kids, motherhood, society…
its all fair game for the Domestic Goddess as she wraps it up in humour
and delivers it without any PC varnish.
Prepare to let go of any perfectionist freak illusions
you may have about homeschoolers as the Domestic Goddess
welcomes you into the mayhem that is her homeschooling world.
(From Lee: I know. Homeschooling on MWOB? But she’s the real deal.
I checked her out and she’s crazy just like us.)
Where they all become Volvo Driving Soccer Moms”

A fun exploration of how to incorporate more veggies into your day to day life,
with a splash of delicious desserts and earth-loving/money saving tips.
(From Lee: I know. It’s a cooking blog. I grilled her and she assured me many of the
recipes are simple, so we’re giving it a whirl.)

A Midwestern gal’s journey through marriage, motherhood, and
everything in between.

A blog about a family starting life in Charleston, SC

A blog about what it’s like making it in the “real” world of family life
and higher education after a 20-year-long punk adolescence.

This blog is Loren Christie’s concrete attempt to write daily and features:
– insane ramblings of talking animals
– various attempts at fiction
– serious personal essays about Loren’s Catholic faith journey and childhood
– records of her role as SAHM to three young children so she can better understand why she’s totally lost her mind.
(From Lee: I met Loren in an elevator in Chicago at BlogHer ’09.
She’s cool, unique and smart. Read this to see what I’m talking about.)

Karrie McAllister
Mother, writer, dirt-lover
(From Lee: This Ohio mom is one interesting chick and smart writer. Check her out.)

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