A Bowl of Berries is All I Need

I admit that my greatest feelings of insecurity as a mother usually come when I’m standing in the kitchen.  It’s not that I can’t cook at all. I actually find some pleasure in cooking  –  I just can’t think of anything to cook. My brain just comes to a total freeze when it comes to preparing food. I know moms who can step into the kitchen and just whip something up.  Okay, not me.  

But on this happy, happy Friday (’cause Fridays always start out happy in this home, see previous post), I’m going to throw out any guilt I have about being handicapped in the cooking arena, move forward, and focus on what I can do in the kitchen that makes me happy.  
Great feelings of satisfaction wash over me when I buy fresh strawberries, rinse them off in cool water, and put them in a bowl.  And when that bowl of yummies sits on my kitchen counter waiting for someone to grab a berry to gobble up, I feel so super happy.  If I have that bowl of goodness ready to go when the kids come home from school, truly I think I’m supermom.
So since it’s the end of another roller-coaster of a week for you MWOBS out there, I encourage you to do the simplest thing today that makes you feel like supermom.   It needn’t be much.  

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