MWOB’s Guilt-Free Fridays!

Here at MWOB, we believe Fridays are very, very special.   Actually in our home, we have a little song we like to sing that goes something along the lines of “It’s a happy, happy FriDAY, it’s a happy, happy FriDAY!”  And the kids dance around and they know the drill.   Fridays are special because it’s a time to let go.   

Let go of all of the things you didn’t get done this week; let go of all (or most) of the things you think you’re supposed to do today (Note: keep doing those things that keep your family alive); let go of any feelings you have of being a loser mom; let go of the schedule and the routine (as soon as the kids get home from school); let go of ambitious dinner plans (well, I do that most nights, see previous post); let go of all those nagging expectations you have for yourself; and especially let go of any guilt you may have from any or all of the above.  
Put on some tunes, watch the Today Show, Oprah or Ellen (depending on which way you roll), leaf through a celebrity gossip rag, let the dishes sit in the sink a little longer, keep thinking about writing a post for MWOB, wear your pj’s until noon (okay, that’s most days), walk your dogs (or don’t),  buy yourself that extra Starbucks coffee, let the laundry wait, eat a chocolate covered vanilla bon-bon from Trader Joe’s before the kids get home (or some other chocolate delight), and then give the kids some treats when they get home, and shout from the rooftops – “It’s A Happy, Happy Friday!”
You deserve it.
Enjoy it.

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