The Secret to your Daily Success

Okay.  I’m not sure how this will sound, but have you ever found yourself in a place where all of a sudden you realize you have the 10 o’clock hour of the “Today” show on your television? Now, please realize that the 10 o’clock hour of “Today” is the FOURTH hour of “Today.” Who knew anyone needed that much “Today.”   I must admit, I do put the “Today” show on in the morning for all of the much-needed weather updates, especially here in Southern California.  I mean, will it be 72 degrees today?  Or a blazing 78?  These are things a mom must know to plan her day especially if she has the remote chance of actually getting out of the house.  

The clock read 10:08 AM and I was still cleaning the kitchen from breakfast which seems to drag on for hours in my home.  My three kids, ages 16 months, 4 years, and 6 years old, eat different stuff at different times.  I know, why make it harder on myself.  In certain ways, I find this haphazard way of serving breakfast easier.  It makes me feel like I’m living on the edge. Call me crazy. 
So, this God-forsaken 10 AM hour of “Today” is hosted by the wacky duo of Kathie Lee and Hoda.   I glance up at the TV and see both of these women dressed in red with a banner under them reading “The Color Red May Be the Key to Success.”  Wow.  What a statement.  Zillions of books have been written on the subject of achieving success and it all comes down to wearing red?  And there Kathie Lee and Hoda sit actually discussing all of the potential success bound to come your way if you wear red.   Honestly, I didn’t think twice about actually turning up the volume and listening to the entire five minute segment on the relationship between “red” and “success” but I did find myself obsessing on who exactly is the target audience for this segment?  
Who else but SAHM and MWOBS are watching the 10 o’clock hour of “Today?”  Really, is there any career woman watching this advice on wearing red and taking it to heart?  They most likely already have red in their wardrobe, if they’re successful anyway.  And if they are not successful, yet, are they running to Nordstroms to buy red just because Kathie Lee and Hoda said so?  If you are one of these women, email me, because I must talk to you.  
But most likely, you are a SAHM or even more likely a MWOB, who has accidentally left the 10 AM hour of the “Today” show running on your TV.  And if you’re like me, you have absolutely not one stitch of red in your wardrobe.   Oh my gosh….wow….major realization coming my way…I have NO red in my wardrobe….I can not cook….I can not braid hair….I can not sew a button back onto anything….I can not make it through one single day without feeling like I’m losing my mind….
Excuse me, I’m packing up the kids, heading to Target and buying myself some red.  
I’ll let you know how it goes.
P.S.  For your own personal viewing pleasure…

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