What’s your battle cry?

Okay I tried. I really tried to take my own advice and have a guilt-free happy Friday. It started out pretty happy.  I was all “Woohoo!, it’s Friday!  Let the kids run wild!  Let’s eat chocolate and run naked in the yard swinging on the monkey bars! We’ll laugh and sing and smile and we’ll end the day in a big heap of hugs with ‘I love you mommy’ and ‘You’re the best mommy ever!'”  Well, we had a fightin’ chance at that vision….until it all started slipping away around 5 PM….you know that damn 5 PM…where all of your hopes and dreams start to drift away.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what started the downslide. Plenty of not listening, too many toys strewn about, some back-talk thrown in, and some God-forsaken computer time which ended in disaster. (Computer time in general deserves many future posts but for now we’ll keep it simple.)

I don’t know about you but for me there comes a time when the frenzy and the fighting and the reminding and the mommy-thing causes me to…sorta….snap

Yeah, I lose it.  
And when this time comes, I always seem to shout out what I will refer to as my battle cry. I yell “I’m DONE! Mommy’s DONE!”  And when the kids try to say something else to me to explain the reason why they’ve just done something naughty, I simply scream “I’m DONE!”  
And unfortunately my kids know what that means.  It means “Mommy’s done.”  It means “She’s lost it.”  It means, “No more hope for ice cream before bed.”   
From Wikipeida:
Battle cries are a universal form of display behavior (i.e. threat display) aiming at competitive advantage, ideally by overstating one’s own aggressive potential to a point where the enemy prefers to avoid confrontation altogether and opts to flee.
I think the part where the enemy opts to flee portrays it pretty accurately in my case.  “Mommy’s done!” will usually make my kids suddenly decide to hole up in their room, play quietly with their “My Little Pony” stuff, and generally stay away from Mommy.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it when it all escalates and the battle cry has has to be called into action….but in a strange sort of way, it works.   
Wanna try it?

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