ALERT! Supermom spotted getting her ASS KICKED!

Oh yeah, leave it to the mommy universe to shrink me way back down to size after my glorious Friday.   Today I feel like I’m been knocked down in the WWF ring of mommydom and I’m struggling to get back on my feet as the ref counts to 10.  

Not sure how it all happened exactly but it started with The Love Fairy getting simply hammered by a full-speed trip and face slam on the playground during CR’s Saturday morning soccer game.   I didn’t see it but another mom said she missed a step on her way up the playset stairs and her mouth took the brunt of the fall.  As I’m so lame at blood and all things crucial, thank God my dude was there to handle the trip to urgent care.  No need for stitches was the report and her prescription?  A friggin’ lollipop.
Well, in my humble mommy opinion, why in God’s name the nurse sent her home with a lollipop is beyond me as this was way more than a “lollipop injury.”  I mean, she didn’t even BEGIN to open her mouth until late today and the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday was spent with her drooling bloody spit through an ice pack fixed to her mouth.  Her normal stunning visage was turned into that of a Neanderthal child.  She couldn’t open her mouth to eat or even drink through a straw so I was left trying to keep her hydrated with a little syringe.  NOT my idea of a whopping good time.
Don’t get me wrong.  I love being the mommy that she needed me to be.  All nurturing and reassuring and yes, why don’t you fall asleep lying on my belly up in “mama’s bed.”  BUT it’s really hard to be that attentive of a mommy when I have El Destructo whining and hanging on my legs every other second.  I’m in love with that little devil but sometimes….it all just starts cramping my style.  I start getting all claustro and well, my mood just starts nose-divin’.
And nose-dive it did.  My poor man.  He had to suffer through his wife turning one of his sacred days of rest into a bitchfest.   Today was spent with the Love Fairy still holding a towel to her face as the spit pooled in her little puffed-up mouth, CR stuck to the escape that is Littlest Pet Shop games on the computer, and El Destructo alternating between trying to grab at simply everything he’s not supposed to have (scissors, permanent markers, iPhones, computer keyboards, etc.) and crying at my feet.  And I was a hell-bitch on wheels just flying around the house feeling angry about how my peaceful weekend was being robbed by needy kids.
The day started winding down when we made the decision for me to take The Love Fairy to ER to further check out her mouth.  Oh, spending a Sunday evening in the emergency room.  There are no words.  But the good news is that the doc says her jaw looks stable but I should have her teeth looked at tomorrow by a dentist.  While waiting for her discharge papers at ER, I heard a doc handing out some Vicodin to a dude next door who had some leg pain.  

Note to self: Next time when I’m in the ER with one of my kids, complain of leg pain.

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