The Birthday Recap

So the birthday was pretty killer as far as meeting all of my birthday needs.  

1) At 3:30 pm, my man drove our three children to the in-laws while I was supposed to be getting ready for our night out.  I fell asleep on the couch. Brilliant.  Truly.  Woke up when the dude got back home and yes, we were alone.  Our home without the kids is something that rarely, if ever, happens so I started wondering if I even needed to get out for that evening cruise.    But in the end I got my lazy ass up. 
2) Earlier in the day as I was driving back from CR’s soccer game with both the Love Fairy and El Destructo, I found my dude washing the Ghia to prep her for our evening cruise.  It brought tears to my eyes.  (I’m known to be rather emotional.)    So the Ghia looked all sparkly but our beautiful sunset possibilities were being tampered with by the fact that all of Southern California is currently on fire.  Yikessss.  
But the white ash fluttering down from the eerie sky did not stop us.  We put the top down, cruised to the beach praying we wouldn’t start having respiratory problems from all those embers and then a bird crapped on my head.  I. Kid. You. NOT.  That is the FIRST time that has ever happened in the 14 years I have been cruising in that Ghia.  Didn’t that bird know it was my birthday?  
But fiery ash, no sun to be seen in a hazy sky, and bird poop would not stop us. We did an abbreviated version of my coastal cruise, but we did drive to the ocean, walk to the water on that balmy, firestorm of a night, snap a few photos (see below) and have some laughs.  
                The Santa Monica Pier with new solar-powered ferris wheel 
(that circle of light in the middle)
What it might look like when the world is ending
        (in my humble opinion)
3) Kids did NOT get along smashingly all day long but I guilted them enough in that good ol’ “It’s my birthday – won’t you just stop all that screaming” fashion and it was at least kept at bay.
4) My birthday party in the comment section was a bit smaller than expected but it was mighty.   Thanks for the well wishes from you hardcores and new bloggy friends.  Made me smile.
After the beach adventure, the evening included trying to eat dinner at our favorite little Tokyo BBQ restaurant but there was an hour wait and we are so not into waiting for food.  So the back-up plan was put into action which was making my dude suffer through “The Secret Life of Bees”,  one of my favorite books and one of my not so favorite movies.  There were some solid aspects of the flick (and I did cry more than once) but as usual, the book rules.
Okay enough birthday hoopla.  
Tomorrow we will get back on track to the mission here at MWOB – learning how to embrace our beautiful mommy inadequacy with both arms and squeeze tightly.  

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