I’m fried.


I’m so whacked out tired from this whole week of Monday thru Friday.  But I muster up some energy to write a few reflections:

Thanks to all of you who took the time to read the story of Karen and Penni.  As a close friend who observed the journey from Los Angeles, (yes, the lame city that probably would not have rallied around Karen in her time of need and no, I did not take her comment personally), I can say that being a distant witness to such an emotionally-draining situation was difficult.  
I’ll never forget what Karen’s voice sounded like the night she called me after making “the choice.”  Her voice shook from the depths of her soul.  I had never heard a friend sound like that before in all my life and I’m not sure I will hear it again.
If you don’t know it already from reading her story, Karen is a special being and an extraordinary mother. I have been blessed with her friendship for almost 20 years and it will last a lifetime I am certain.  Thank you Karen for baring your soul to our lil’ community here at MWOB.  
My one and only aunt passed away yesterday which is contributing to my feelings of being fried.  She lost her battle to cancer when it recurred after a twenty-year remission.  She was a lover of life and she fought hard to stay on the planet.   I will be heading to Arizona this week for the funeral and to celebrate her well-lived, generous life.
It was actually appropriate that she died on Thanksgiving.  She owned a catering business and spent her entire life serving others and stuffing their bellies with yummy food.  I said that in my pre-feast prayer yesterday and I think it lifted my dad’s heart for a moment.  (She was his only sibling.)
I think I’ll take the weekend and mellow out and prepare for the journey to say farewell.  I’m really into doing the death thing with eyes wide open and hearts real and raw.  My kids get to witness more endless crying from their mama – just what they love.
Check ya’ later chickies…I’ll be cruising around blogtown again soon.  Just not sure exactly when.
P.S.  Remember today is the last day to click that comment section and be entered in our giveaway.    The more, the merrier – isn’t that the deal?

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