A Weekend Experiment

What a week. On many levels. But mainly on the level that I struggled hardcore this week with being well, a mom. That’s what I am, right? A mom? Oh yeah, that’s right. My blood boiling impatience was at an all-time high most evenings this week which resulted in too much yelling and too many tears. 

But as I settle into the glory that is called the weekend, I’m forcing my brain to stop thinking about how I failed this week. Instead, I’m steering all thoughts towards how I succeeded. I mean, how much self-beating-up can one mom do?

Some of you moms might have felt the same way as you herded your kiddies through their day, so I’ve decided to throw out a little weekend exercise for all of us out here in MWOB land.

This exercise has a few purposes:
1) To remind ourselves of what GOOD things we did this week as moms.
2) To assure me that I am not alone.
3) To get into the blog-lovin’ practice of leaving comments.  I know there’s like a million of you out there and this feeling of being insecure about leaving comments is getting old.  
4) If this bloggy place was worth its salt, I would have like a giveaway all lined up for the best comment.  Too bad.  I’m an underachiever, don’t you know that by now?
So via the comment section, please answer:
How did you simply kill it this week as a mom?  (just in case, “kill it” is the gymnastics equivalent of “sticking a landing” which in case you need more, “kill it” means you did something really awesome.)
I’ll start if off.  Dig deep ladies, and click that comment section.

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