Welcome to the Longest Day of the Year….

…and ain’t it a bitch.  

I used to rejoice about today.   That extra hour of sleep was heaven to me.   But you know, since having these kids of mine, and since they can’t quite grasp all of the potential this day has, and since I’m NOT a morning person, this day has really changed its tune in my world.   It’s a flat, pretty discordant, ringing in my ears kinda tune instead of the sweet harmonious one that used to caress my sleepy head while I basked on my pillow for that one extra hour.  
I’ve been up for like 16 hours already.  I really think so.  And it’s only 10 AM (new time.)  It’s times like this that I really wish I still lived in Arizona, that glorious state that is so cutting-edge it doesn’t need to succumb to all of this daylight-savings-time pressure.   My dear mama friends in Phoenix, I hope you appreciate what you got going on today.   
My kids wish we lived in Arizona right now too.  I’m been such a cranky witch ever since I peeled myself out of my bed at like 3 AM it seems, I’ve decided I’m gonna get back into my Halloween costume and hide.
Catch ya’ later.

Yes, that’s an alcoholic beverage in my hand, and this might be just the morning for me to start drinking before noon.  

Actually I barely drink at all but this might be the day I start.

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