And when I started taking off my shirt, he…

wait.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up.

It happens almost every day.  When I finally find some quiet time at some point of the day to escape, I will head up to the only refuge I need in this life…

…my shower.   

My shower simply rules.  You’d have to shower in it to know what I’m talking about.  

So on more than one occasion, my dude comes with me.  To join in on the fun, get all steamy…and smiley.

And every time he is with me, the same ritual occurs.  

He hangs out in the doorway as I undress.  The anticipation is almost too much for him.  He starts smiling from the moment I begin….and the grin grows with each article of clothing that is dropped to the floor. 

I always leave my top for last.  Just a habit I guess.  And he likes it that way. Because more than anything else, I can honestly say he’s a boob man.

So as I start to lift off my shirt, he is staring at me so intensely I feel naked already.  I pause a bit self-consciously.  He starts making noises…a little laugh.  Could he be growling?  Yeah, sounds like a little growl.

And then when I actually slip my top off over my head, he lets out a full-on scream. And he actually points at my breasts with a devilish smile.  It’s weird really.  How excited he gets.  He simply can’t wait to get his mouth on them.

Is it normal for a dude to act this way?  

I wish the other dude in my life would display the same kind of enthusiasm. 
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