I made a promise to myself this Christmas season.  Not to get all worked up. Not to stress about the whatever.  My theme for gifts was spontaneous inspiration.  No bullshit lists.  If I saw something that I was inspired to buy for someone, right on.  If I didn’t, everyone would survive.  Present or no present. I mean, if the hardcores don’t know my soul by now, there’s not much more I can do.

Sound lazy?  Yep, that would be me right now.  Beautifully lazy.  In all aspects of my life.  Yes, even blogging. *gasp

I wasn’t planning on posting but here I am kicking back by my twinkly Christmas tree and a story is at my fingertips….

CR and The Love Fairy did not ask Santa for much.  They wrote out their lists and courageously faced the fat man for the FIRST time in a year they could remember just so they could be very clear about their wants. With a girl on each knee, our mall Santa, with an interesting German accent, said…

“Okay CR, I see you vant a Leetlest Pet Shop that eees a cheeencheela.” (That’s chinchilla to you and me)

“And Love Fairy, I see YOU vant a Leetlest Pet Shop that eees a penguin.”

Yep, the Littlest Pet Shop craze continues.  

Well, these particular LPS creatures are not easy to come by. Nope. Chinchillas and Penguins are way too hip for like the LPS aisle of Target or Toys R Us. My dude had to do some global searching (oh, you know) to locate these prized stuffed wide-eyed freak toys to make sure Santa would deliver.  

So the news at 10 PM PST on 12/23/08?

The chinchilla is here.  The penguin is not.  

We’re screwed.

Chances are the penguin will not arrive tomorrow so we’ve been crafting a plan for when it does arrive.  Probably on Dec. 26th.  

I was thinking…

A) Don’t give the chinchilla either and then after the penguin arrives, wrap them both and strategically place them up the chimney or in the fireplace – whatever.  And then act all surprised “Holy crap girlies! Look what Mommy and Daddy see in the fireplace!! These MUST have dropped out of Santa’s bag!”

B) Don’t give the chinchilla.  (This idea exists in every potential option because to think of The Love Fairy NOT getting her penguin while CR gets her chinchilla is nothing less than frightening.)  Ask our neighborhood UPS guy to knock on the door, say he’s one of Santa’s elves and deliver the two pets together.

I think we’ll go for A as it stands right now.  Although B is not far behind.  

When I was like 4-years-old, I asked Santa for a Casper the Friendly Ghost stuffed animal that also talked.  It was so cutting-edge. It had a string coming out from the back of its throat and it said like “Hi! I’m Casper the Friendly Ghost!”

I asked for it.  I got it.  And I loved it.  With all of my 4-year-old heart.

So when it broke like a couple of days later, I cried.  WIth all of my 4-year-old tears.

And now, thinking back, I’m realizing that my mom pretty much kicked ass that time. She didn’t just say “Too bad.”  She sprung into action. She probably couldn’t stand that my dad’s hard-earned dollars were being wasted on this crappy cutting-edge toy. So she called the company and somehow finagled a swap.  

And for a chick who has one crappy memory, I remember the day my new Casper arrived almost like it was yesterday.  

Maybe even better than yesterday.  

I sat in my 4-year-old body and brain on our living room golden shaggy carpet and the doorbell rang.  I watched from my 4-year-old eye level as my mom opened the front door, pushed open the screen and reached outside.  I caught a glimpse of a man in a brown uniform holding a cardboard box.

When my mom stepped back inside, the screen door swung shut and she closed the wooden door that protected me from a Chicago winter. She held the box in her hands with a smile on her face and she said, “Honey, that was one of Santa’s elves.  Santa fixed your Casper the Friendly Ghost and here it is.”

And you know what?

I believed.

To the core of my 4-year-old soul.  

I believed.

So whatever happens with the penguin and whenever it arrives, it’ll all be cool. Because whatever option we go with, we hold the power to create a fantastical scene for our darling Love Fairy.  

And I have a feeling, no matter what happens, she will believe.  

Just like her mama.

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