Bloggin’ Business and Praisin’ the Loon

On this tired evenin’, (I’m kinda into this whole …in’ thing right now for some reason), I’m feelin’ the need to take care of some bloggy bizness.

Aside from the fact that I’m still wonderin’ every single day if I should even keep this blog alive, I have all kinds of bloggy ideas runnin’ through my already too busy brain.  So we’ll see which way the axe falls, if you will.  Is that a sayin’?
Okay I’m tired of the ..’in thing already.  MovinGGGG on…
First item:
The MWOB Blogroll  
So I’ve been feeling a little lame that I don’t have the MWOB Blogroll up and running.  I’ve been cruising around blogtown for not quite two months and I’ve seen all kinds of blogrolls.  Mainly super LONG ones.  And I get it and all – you’re supposed to roll someone so they roll you and all that good blog shit.  
But really, is anyone really reading ALL of their blogroll when they have like more than 30 blogs??  Okay maybe you are but what else are you friggin’ doing?  And do you really like all of those blogs you have listed?  They all entertain you and you really read them and not just rush through them to fulfill your whole blogroll obligation?
Maybe I’m way off base.  Maybe you love your entire blogroll and you find the time to read each and every one.  Well, whatever.  If you have something enlightening to add on the blogroll issue lemme know. Maybe I’m missing something.
Well, I’ve decided I can’t operate this way.  I can’t just have a ton o’ blogs on my roll just because. A couple weeks ago, Ms. Britt had a good post about this whole issue which got my wheels turning.
So I’ve decided that I’m only going to list blogs that I am loyal to and that I really enjoy for a variety of reasons.  I’m gonna have a couple different categories, if you will, and if you’re listed, then you’re gonna KNOW, damn it, that I read you, I find you entertaining, your writing moves me on some level and you’re just friggin’ good in my eyes.  Whatever that’s worth.  Like you care.
So I’m working on it and I hope to be announcing the MWOB Blogroll at some point in the near future. Again, like you care.

Item Two:
Awards and Tagging Memes from “Musings of a Quirkyloon.”

So I found this blog through (who promptly rejected my ass when I applied to be a funny blog, by the way) and so I started reading her and doing some commenting and she has returned the favor by reading MWOB.  Maybe she likes this scene, maybe she’s just pretending, but I have a feeling she’s a genuine chick and only reads what she likes.  I love that.  Her name is Sandie and this is her blog.  Her brain is wacked.  And I mean that as a total compliment. Some of the angles she comes up with are just so…unique.  And funny.  And real.  And her stuff is varied and smart.  And well, I like it.  It’s got a different tone than other blogs I read and that’s why I keep going back for more.  
So “Musings of a Quirkyloon” gave me this award before I left for Arizona for my aunt’s funeral. Maybe she was just feeling bad for me and thought the award would cheer me up.  It’s a cool award and all but I’d rather my aunt still be here on the planet.  I’m just sayin.’ (Everyone in blogtown seems to say that phrase so I thought I would join in.)
But here’s the award for all to see:
Thank Quirkyloon.  
So then Sandie decided to get all crazy a couple of days ago and tag me for some meme thing where I’m supposed to list seven random things about myself.  She was so creative when listing her random things and I’m just. Not. That. Creative.
And to be honest, I am so bored with myself that I can barely stand the thought of listing seven things about myself.  
I will list ONE.
1) I hate putting my ass in bathtubs where other people have bathed.  It sicks me out.  I always like to put a little towel down or something to protect my ass from all of the other asses that have been there before me.  My dude and I just remodeled/rebuilt our home and we have a new master bathroom with a brand spankin’ new bathtub.  This is the ONLY bathtub I will sit in without that little towel underneath.  (Wow, wasn’t that fascinating.)
And now if you would be so kind, why don’t you tell me ONE random thing about yourself?
Because really I find all of you WAY more interesting than I find myself.
Are you game?
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