Christmas Fragments in Photos

Christmas 2008

I like my tree decorations random.  
And colorful.  
And plenty.  
I am a multi-colored, blinking lights kind of gal 
and my crew is too.  
My dude installed one of those foot buttons you can press 
when you want the lights on or off 
and my life is forever changed.
Christmas began in the dark, crisp magic
 of a Los Angeles December morn
and even through bleary eyes, 
everything was brilliant.
The Love Fairy, CR and El Destructo 
being bribed to sit still for a photo 
before diving into Santa’s stash.  
It may have been a little cruel, but it worked.  
Even El Destructo is standing still. 
More brilliance.

My mouth is salivating just looking at this picture.  
The best gift I received this year,
 (and believe me, I am no freak about food ever),
was this Strawberry Syrup 
sent to me from my bro and his family in Honolulu. 
The syrup  is “A Maui Original” and poured over the Hodgson Mills
Whole Wheat Pancakes I made is the definition of pure heaven.
The last time I felt this passionately about an inanimate object 
was when I got my iPhone last year.

Santa remembered ONE of our dogs.  
This is Wagz and her bright blue ball.  
Wagz is a nervous, skittishly kind-of dog 
and nothing helps her calm down more than 
a long ball-fetching session in the yard.
Wagz was rescued out of a gutter in Compton.
We’ve been her Mama and Daddy since she was 7 weeks old.
She’s nine now.
She fetches a ball like she’s two.

Let’s talk about another ball fetcher. 
El Destructo can not get enough of balls.
Santa brought him a hoop.
And a ball.
And other family and friends gave him balls.
 And toys that are ball-themed. 
And USC jerseys for sports that use balls.
When I look at this pic, I want to smother my lil’ ball-lover
with kisses and hugs.

And this pic makes me want to smother
this dude with kisses and hugs.
This is my hot husband who is my total dude.
In every sense of the word.
And this is how he spent most of yesterday.
Doing what daddies do.

And here he is hours and hours later at my in-laws
doing the exact same thing.
But just wait.
More heroics from my dude in a moment…

And here’s my dad smothering my mom with kisses.
They’ve been married 43 years.
And this is the reason why I consider myself so normal
that I am borderline boring.
Happily married parents.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I plan on my kids being normal and boring too.
The Love Fairy and Uncle Mark (my bro) showing off his haul.
Two small bottles of Pace Picante Medium Salsa.
This is the first year I took CR and The Love Fairy shopping.
They picked out gifts for the people in their lives.
At the 99 Cent Store.
(My friend Karen gave me this idea.
It’s a good one.)
My bro said he felt like how my paternal grandpa used to feel.
My dad used to give him beer and cigarettes for Christmas.
Uncle Mark puts Pace Picante Salsa in the same category.
The Love Fairy was so proud.
The whole scene was brilliant and made me laugh.

This is hands-down my favorite gift that CR got.
A t-shirt from our Guatemalan babysitter whose been in our lives
since The Love Fairy was four months old.  
If you can’t read it, it says,
“Be Nice to Me. 
I’ve had a hard day.”
And CR has already used that line on me.
I keep telling her I should be the one with that shirt.
She does not agree.
I find the irony in her wearing that shirt so friggin’ hilarious.
Is it only me?

CR, The Love Fairy and I spent hours making these sparkly

buttery cookies on Christmas Eve day.
Rolling, cookie-cutting, and sprinkling.
Over and over again.
On Christmas Day they sat on the couch under a stream of sunlight
and they were devoured by all.

This picture melts me.  
My sis and my daughter.
Reading CR’s first set of chapter books
bought by brilliant Auntie Julie.
The last book in the set is a “pretend book” 
with a secret compartment within.
CR already knows instinctively that she should hide it from me.
And frightening

This photo melts me too.
Yep, that’s my dude late Christmas night in the kitchen.
Doing the dishes.
As I sat on the couch in a mountain of wrapping paper.
Staring at the tree.
Listening to some tunes.
And snapping some photos.

I love my life.
The End

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