Her appetite for gifts is insatiable

On Friday night, December 26th, as I was tucking The Love Fairy into bed, I leaned in close, rubbed her nose with mine and gently kissed her gorgeous face.   As I said good night and was about to get up to leave, she said,


Yes, honey.”

I know we just had this Christmas but how many days are left before the next Christmas?”

With wrapping paper and Santa gifts scattered all over the house, lightning-fast thoughts of “holy shit – she has got to be kidding me” ran through my thoroughly exhausted brain.  Despite my utter disbelief that this question was being asked, I was able to muster the calm response of,

About 364 days are left before the NEXT Christmas.

Is that a long time?” she asked.

“Yep, it’s a pretty long time.”

But I have a feeling it’ll be here before I know it.  

I better start cleaning up before the next onslaught. 

It may very well take me 364 days to do it.

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