Unexpected free time

My in-laws called this morning offering me the unexpected – some free time sans kids.

Holy shit.  

It’s like hitting the jackpot when a call like this comes in.  I can barely contain myself with all of the endless possibilities.   

After all of the usual morning routines around our home, my dude pulled out of the driveway around 10:30 this morning to drop them off for a day of playing with the grandparents.  The kids were giddy, mama was ecstatic.

As I watched them pull away, my mind started doing what it does when I suddenly find myself with some unexpected free time.  It started racing. Thought after thought after thought of all the things I could do today.  

Kinda like this:

I could clean, the floor needs mopping, the kitchen needs scrubbing, laundry is piling up as usual, I should put away the basket of folded laundry first, I should clean the bathrooms, I should hang some pictures up in our room, I could go to IKEA and handle getting all of that stuff for our master closet, I could go to Bed, Bath and Beyond for stuff I need, I could go for a run, I could go to the gym, I need to start working out more if I’m gonna ever do another race, I could blog, I could blog surf, I could return many overdue emails, I could get a man/ped, I could call some friends, I could finish up my Christmas cards so I could actually send them, I could go grocery shopping, we need bread and eggs and just everything, I could finish baking those molasses cookies for my sister, I could pay some bills, I could organize our insanely unorganized office, I could clean out the kids’ drawers of all of the clothes that don’t fit them, I could go through the garage and get ready for a yard sale, I could get my Subaru ready to sell (we just got a mini-van, yep), I could drop my camera off to get fixed, I could spend some time working in my volunteer role at CR’s school, I could take a walk on the beach, I could go buy some make-up remover that I need, I could plan a little getaway for the family this week, I could….I could….I could…..

…and the list goes on and on.

And as the mind races, the clock ticks.  And the longer I don’t do anything, well, the longer I don’t DO ANYTHING!!

So in the end, I cranked up a nice shuffle of Beck tunes, did just a tad of kitchen cleaning, just enough so I wouldn’t feel like crap every time I walked in there, and then my dude and I decided to do this:

We took our two doggy creatures to an old stomping ground of ours…a hike we did many times before with the beasts before our three human creatures came along.  

And in the middle of the silent hills that stretch away from the Pacific, we took some clean deep breaths and remembered for an instant our previous life.  

When free time flowed like water from a faucet.   

And after an afternoon of remembering what a day alone together felt like, we jumped into the van, picked up the kids, hugged and kissed them crazy, brought them home and tucked them into bed.

Sans kids is cool….but only for a little while.

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