Word verifications give me oheado.

In yesterday’s Blogger Intervention rant from Karen (who desperately wants me to give up this blogging life – really 😛), she posed a challenge to all of us who dig deep each day for creative blog fodder to use one of her wacky word verifications in a sentence.

I simply had to give a shout out to the two gals who gave it a whirl ’cause the whole exercise just cracked me up.  

Here were the words Karen presented from actual verifications she’s seen while posting comments around the globe.  

Phyle, calatedi, tescre, shoil, extersu, oheado, uljolimm, confal and salligma.

(Looking at them as a group makes me feel diseased.)

Here are the two brave responses:

Scrappy Sue said:

“i’m still confused about you commenting on your own post, or was that written by someone else?

oh i get it now. i was just a little confal about the salligma, but i’m Phyle now.”

Kim and Co said:

“Every blogger needs an intervention!

And as for CONFAL, you should give it a try. My husband loves it.”

Hee hee hee.  Love it.  

Check out their blogs – their cool chickies and Scrappy Sue hangs out over in New Zealand.  I’m dying to get over there someday.

I think I want to gather some more wild words and host a contest with a real killer prize.  

Yeah, maybe later.
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