365 Blank Pages Ahead

Standing on the brink of another year filled with the brilliant unknown, I have some wants.

As a daughter,

I want to be less critical and more accepting.
I want to see more of the good and less of the annoying.

As a sister,
I want to listen more and talk less.
I want to be more welcoming and less occupied.

As a friend,
I want to be less consumed and more available.
I want less email and more face-to-face.
I want to assume less and create more.

As a mama,  
I want to yell less and have more patience. 
I want to resist less and surrender more.
I want to be less in my head and more in the room.

As a wife,
I want to be less critical and more supportive.
I want to busy myself less and relax more.
I want to complain less and to smile more at the end of a long day.

As a woman,
I want less fear and more faith.
I want less second-guessing and more boldness.
I want less comfort and more risk.
I want to create more in every facet of myself.

And as I learned from a beautiful soul 
who left this planet way too early,
I want to dare to disturb the universe.

Happy 2009 my friends.
Hope to see you face to face.

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