A Blind Date, A Beginning to a Blogroll and a Friday BASH!

Tonight I am having my very first blind date – with a fellow blogger.  We’ll see how it all shakes down and if we start arguing about what constitutes a gourmet meal, I’ll be sure to bring you the blow-by-blow tomorrow.  

But in honor of this groundbreaking event, I’ve decided to host a bloggy party over at MWOB today.  One of my current favorite bloggers had this award post the other day which included about what it would be like to get a group of bloggers she reads but has never met together in a room, and it just got me thinking.  

Yeah, what if?  

So today over here in sunny So Cal, I’m inviting y’all over for a little hang.  And since it’s like summer over here, it’s gonna be a backyard BBQ – my favorite kinda hang to have.  ‘Cause summer is my season.  
We’ll kick back on the deck (don’t worry I’ll move the mop), grill up some steaks and veggies (’cause I can do that or at least my dude can), listen to some good tunes like Beck, Dave Matthews, Chris Cornell, Jack Johnson, and the like, and drink some wine or beer or cocktail, and we’ll chat. Chat, chat and CHAT!

Everyone is invited ’cause the more, the merrier.  But I’m calling out some of my current blogging and non-blogging faves to be the special guests of honor.  I’m thinking maybe I’ll throw a little party every other week over here just so we can hang and I can give a shout-out to some of my blogging mainstays.  (This is also helping to assuage some of my guilt about not getting my blogroll up and running yet….oh hell.)

So the MWOB Backyard BBQ Guests of Honor are:

Amy at Bitchin’ Wives Club – She’s probably heading off to England soon for an adventure so we better get her over here before she leaves.  Oh yeah, and she rules.  

Em at Life, Liberty and The Pursuit – She’s on a real roll recently with some stellar posts and she may become too big to join us later so let’s get her over here on her way up.

Deb at Dirty Socks and Pizza – This cool chick seems to be ready for a little adventure to hang out with some other cool chicks and maybe she’ll bring some pizza.

Debbie at I Need A Martini Mom – We need her here to keep the party laughing and rolling and laughing and rolling and laughing….you get the picture.  

Maggie at Okay, Fine, Dammit – I just met her yesterday but I’m in love with her already.  

Kate at Thoughts from a Sometimes Desperate Housewife – My oh my, if anyone needs a summer BBQ right about now, it’s her freezing her ass off up in North Dakota.

Ree at The Hotfessional – She is like the hottest chick I don’t know and one helluva storyteller and she will amuse us with some tales, I’m sure.

And I know this lady is super popular and has a lot of parties on her calendar but I’d still like to see if Mr. Lady at Whiskey in My Sippy Cup would come.  I’m sure she’ll have to check her schedule, but maybe, just maybe she would come.

And no MWOB party is complete without a MWOB.  That is, a real mom without a blog.  So my old friend Kath who blew us all away with her post this week must come just so I know someone at the party will like me.  And I know everyone will like her.

So if you’re not a special guest this week, you will be at another MWOB event, I promise you.  I have found too many cool blogs out there which is leading to the general downfall of most everything that needs attention IRL.  (That’s “In Real Life” for those of you, like me, who, until very recently, had no idea what that meant.)

But if you’re available, will you come?  And can you bring something?  I think a party is even better when everyone shows up with a little contribution.  Don’t you? 

And oh yeah, if you have a friend you want to bring, let me know who and where they are.  I’d love to meet some more new bloggers too so my life can become even more unmanageable.  

It’s Friday – so let’s party people!

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