"LO YO!" – An Honest Review of a Family Card Game


Didn’t I cover that in the title?  

“LO YO!” is uh, a family card game for ages 7 and up designed to actually get you sitting around with your family and having fun together! 

Sounds like a novel concept, right?  

I don’t know about you but with three smaller-type kids, it’s difficult to find the time to play a game together.  I’m usually too busy yelling to have fun.  But when “LO YO” arrived in the mail, the box holding the card game read:  

“The game where everyone shouts…LO YO!”  

So I thought, a card game involving shouting?  


Sounds. right. up. my. alley.  


Pfun (the name of the company) says “LO YO” has something for all gamers – strategy, risk, memorization and luck.  The object of “LO YO!” is to have the lowest point score, after six rounds of play.  Try to get “LO YO!” cards and avoid the dreaded “OH NO!” cards. Think you have the lowest score? Then shout “LO YO!” But watch out? Someone may catch you and double your score! 

“LO YO!” is competitive fun for the whole family!


I have one kid old enough to handle this game.  And she’s 6 1/2. Even though she’s under the age limit, we let her play because have I told you, she’s brilliant? Oh yeah, whatever.  

My dude, our firstborn (the 6 1/2 year old), and I decided to break out “LO YO!” Saturday evening and let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, our lives are forever changed. The firstborn LOVES this game. She wants to play it again and again and even busted it out on her own at a Sunday birthday brunch for her grandpa.  I walked out of the kitchen to find five family members sitting around the table playing “LO YO!” and my daughter was instructing everyone on how to play.  

Bottom line – she’s hooked.  


The mom says I’m kinda digging “LO YO!”  I’m not gonna ramble about the intricacies of the game – suffice it to say I thought it was a well-thought out invention of a family card game because it’s simple enough for the kids but has just enough depth to keep it interesting for the adults.  “LO YO!” utilizes memory, simple addition, strategy, concentration and patience.  

Now both my daughter and I are way deficient in the patience category so we’re gonna be using “LO YO!” as a sort of self-directed therapy to work on our patience issues.  Or not.  We may just shout “LO YO!” way too soon and get our points doubled and LOSE the game and then, maybe then, we will learn about being patient.


“LO YO!” is as good as family card games come.  And I personally like it much better than “Phase 10” that old standard that drags on for days on end.  Now I don’t think you can drink as much playing “LO YO!” as “Phase 10” because really “LO YO!” expects more from you in the way of concentration and memorization and well, simply paying attention.  I’m also having trouble paying attention to most matters these days because I’ve become one of those scatter-brained mamas you always hear about.  And now that woman is me. How did that happen?

I digress.

“LO YO!” bottom line – get this game.  For $12.99, you’ll sit down together as a family, have some chuckles, do some shouting, lose some patience, forget what cards you are holding, make some wrong decisions, and plenty of right ones, and you’ll marvel at your 6-1/2-year-old firstborn daughter totally understanding the rules and totally getting into the game and you’ll think, “Yeah, this is what life is all about – sitting in front of the fireplace on a Saturday night playing cards together as a family.”

I mean, does it really get much better than that?

Thanks to the ever-popular Mom Fuse for knowing that I like to yell, and to “LO YO!” for creating a really cool card playing scene.


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