More Wacky Winning Methods Disclosed

I know all of you MWOB hardcores have been waiting with bated breath to find out who won MWOB’s anniversary giveaway of a $20 Trader Joe’s Gift Card.  

Well, wait no longer.  

Some of you may remember the wacky methods used to choose the winner in our very first giveaway not so long ago.  Well, this Trader Joe’s giveaway involved it’s own innovative selection process which, after much turmoil, I have decided to reveal.  


After writing all 35 names on colorful pieces of construction paper, I enlisted CR and CR’s best friend (and neighbor) to fold each piece accordion-style.

If you are unsure, this is what accordion-style folding looks like up close.


CR and best friend then put all folded pieces of colorful construction paper into a colorful bowl.  I then watched as they played for a minute with the impressive bowl of accordion-style folded papers.


I then instructed CR and best friend (with bowl in hand) to head up to our upstairs balcony which juts out into our yard.  


I then asked my dude’s brother, Uncle B, to move our trampoline somewhat under the balcony.   (I didn’t move it myself because I killed my back yesterday picking up El Destructo and I am barely mobile.)


Uncle B then joined CR and best friend on balcony to help with the next, very integral, step to the selection process.  

With Uncle B’s help, CR then dumped the bowl of colorful accordion-style folded papers and with great joy, we watched them flutter to the ground below.


The goal was to have the papers hit the trampoline below where it had already been decided (by me) that the paper closest to the white oval bearing the “Exercera” name would be the winner.

As you can see, only four papers hit the trampoline.  The semi-finalists were:

Jori-O, Mr. Lady, Tenakim and Em in Pursuit.

You can plainly see the orange one that is closest to the white oval, right?


Well, the name on that piece of paper was –

Congratulations to Tena at My Therapy for winning the $20 Gift Card!! 

* Applause, yelling, and all kinds of hooplah going on!! *

Tena, I will get in contact with you so I can send you the prize!  Or email me with your address if you read this before I get to you!

Thanks to all who played along.  It was fun.  Kinda.
Whew!! These wacky methods have a way of tiring me out.  

I’m gonna go ice my sore back.  

(Holy shit – I sound old with that one.)

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