Quote of the Morning

As my dude and I stood in the kitchen this morning cramming our breakfast down our throats while packing CR’s lunch, brewing the perfect cappuccino, sweeping up the third bowl of Cheerios El Destructo dumped on the floor, emptying the dishwasher, making The Love Fairy’s breakfast, filling the dogs’ water bowl, feeding that damn goldfish CR won too many months ago at her school festival, trying to get the lil’ dude to stop screaming for the Doritos bag for breakfast, and of course, checking my all-important email, The Love Fairy stomps in and says in her 4 1/2 year old screechy demanding way…

May I please have some orange juice my servants?”

Holy shit.  

Is it that obvious?

And how in the hell does she know how to use “servants” in a sentence?

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