W.W. – A Divine Sign

This morning as I prepared to shirk all of my domestic duties once again and settle in on my laptop, I glanced outside on our deck and saw this:

I’m taking this as a sign from God to get my head out of my computer’s ass and clean my neglected floors.  And fold my neglected laundry.  And replenish my neglected refrigerator. And pay a little attention to my neglected children.

If I don’t stop by today, please don’t be mad.  

I’m working on saving my soul.

(This is my first “Wordful Wednesday” from Angie at SevEn cLoWn CirCuS.)


P.S.  There’s a little MWOB anniversary reader appreciation giveaway going on that ends today BST.  (That’s, Blogging Standard Time) 

If you’re interested, read this.

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