Be afraid, be very very afraid.

I swear I only think I need to watch The Today Show to get enough blog fodder to last me until the end of time.  

So I was going about my usual morning business this morning and was somewhere in between wiping the oatmeal out of El Destructo’s wispy blonde-haired noggin and pouring another “skinny” pancake on the griddle for CR, and I glanced up to see what crazy current events my friends Matt and Meredith were rambling about and I saw the chyron that read:

“Parents afraid that one-armed television show host will scare children.”

Or something like that.  You get the idea.

I had to rewind to catch the whole story.

So if you haven’t heard, there is this female children’s show television host in London who was born with *gasp* one-arm.  And before I show you what she looks like, make sure none of your small children are huddled around your computer.

Go ahead kiddies – run off and play!  Mommy will be with you in a minute!

Are they gone? Make sure they’re gone.


Here she is:

Are you freaked out yet?  I sure as hell am!  What were the producers thinking casting this super duper scary chick to host a kid’s television program?

Her name is Cerrie Burnell and she was uh, born with this one-armed situation. If your kids watch The Good Night Show on PBS Kids, Cerrie seems the equivalent of Nina who leads my kids through arts and crafts projects (which I am then forced to do) and yoga moves to help settle them down at night.
I saw a clip of Cerrie doing some yoga type breathing exercises with her uh, one-armed situation and it was nothing less than completely horrifying.

All I can say is thank God we don’t live in London so we’re not subjected to this kind of political correctness.  I, for one, do NOT want my kids to be having nightmares just so one disabled woman can feel “normal.”


If you don’t know I’m kidding then I’m just as scared as some of these crazy parents who think Cerrie is scaring their kids.  Who do you think I am??

When I was pregnant with CR, my first kid, the thing that depressed me the most was the thought of bringing a child into a world that I sometimes perceive to be filled with stupid people.  This story of Cerrie and knowing that ANY parent could feel they have a legitimate concern about their kids watching her ignites my depression all over again.

Boy, some people are just plain stupid.

If you want to read more, here’s one story.

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