A Conversation that Aged Me – Literally and Figuratively

Last night when The Love Fairy was the only one in the tub, she sat back down after I soaped her up and she slipped back slightly and gently bumped her head on the side.  After the little head bump, our conversation went a little something like this:

Love Fairy:  “Our bathtub is not as hard as yours is upstairs, mama , so I won’t die when I bump my head on this bathtub, right?”

Me: “Of course you won’t die honey, not from bumping your head like that!”

Then I remembered that my dude and I are always telling the kids not to stand up in the tub and to be careful because, “You could slip and fall and…uh, die.”  

Okay, I didn’t think we said “die” but maybe we had.  I know for a fact we say “You could slip and fall and really really get hurt.” Hmmmm…..note to self, the kids ARE listening.

The Love Fairy: “When I die mama will I be able to open my eyes?”

Me:  “Yep I think so.  It’s just that when you open your eyes in heaven, things might look a little different.”

The Love Fairy:  “Will I see clouds and waterfalls?”

Me:  “Sure…”

The Love Fairy:  “And in heaven I will get to meet the precious God!! Who is God to the entire world!”

From what I know I have never ever referred to God as precious.  So sweet, I thought.

Then she sits back and looks up at me with these peaceful blue eyes and says, “Mama, are you gonna die before I do?”

Oh, how I love death conversations with the kids.  Really gets me spinning.

Me: “I sure hope so!”

The Love Fairy: “NO!  I don’t want you to die first!  I don’t want to be without you! Maybe I’ll die first!”

*gulp, swallow, heart, heart, gulp, breath, the thought, oh please*

Me:  “Oh no sweetie.  That’s not gonna happen and don’t worry because I’m not gonna die for a long, long time.”

From my mouth to precious God’s ears.

The Love Fairy: “Really, how long?”

Me:  “Oh, I’m gonna be around for so long.  I’ll probably live to be one hundred years old!”  

Okay, maybe NOT from my mouth to precious God’s ears.

The Love Fairy:  “One hundred??”

Me:  “Yep.”

She pauses, her little wheels spinning.

The Love Fairy:  “How old are you now?”

Me: “41.”

The Love Fairy:  “Oh my gosh! That IS almost one hundred!”


Oh precious God, let’s try and keep these death conversations to a bare minimum.  

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