Friday Fragments or My Brain is Scrambled

This is my first Friday Fragments post where you just spew a bunch of fragmented thoughts and since my brain works like this on most days, I decided to embrace the jumble and spew it forth for all to see.  If I ever manage to write a cohesive post, it’s with much effort. This one should be easy.

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* The Love Fairy wanted to bring a whoopee cushion to her kindergarten “interview” this week.  We’re trying to get her into the same Catholic School that CR attends, but this year there’s like 60 kids going for 30 spots and she’ll just turn 5 right before the cut off date of August 1st.  She thought bringing a whoopee cushion and putting it down on the kindergarten teacher’s chair would be a fantastic idea. She said after the teacher sat on it, the teacher would then jump up, and then the Love Fairy would quickly snatch the whoopee cushion away, and when the teacher said “What was that?” The Love Fairy would reply “Oh, it was just your chair.”  

I’m not sure if that means she’s too immature for kindergarten or just. about. perfect. for kindergarten.  Vodka Mom, care to give your expert opinion?

* I spent yesterday afternoon at the doctor with The Love Fairy because her eardrum ruptured sometime Wednesday night. Thinking back on it, it probably ruptured around 2:30 AM when she woke up screaming bloody murder and yelling “My ear hurts!”  

* After starting this week feeling like I wanted to uh, quit the blog, I think a viable rescue plan is coming together.  More details soon.

* Part of the rescue plan, or at least a plan to rescue my sanity, is that I am going away next week for three nights BY MYSELF!!!  I am freaking out.  I am going to meet a dear old college girlfriend and some other cool chicks (friends of hers) in Jackson, Wyoming.  I have not seen this friend in over 7 years so when she invited me for a little girls’ hang, it was hard to pass up.  Especially since my dude is about as supportive as they come for this kind of stuff.  So charts and lists are being drawn up and arrangements made to basically do what I do which is EVERYTHING when it comes to the kids (okay not everything – really honey) but a lot.  I know it will all be fine and everyone will survive and I’m just not sure what to do with myself when I’m alone on that plane ride!!! Suggestions?

* The hardest part will be taking El Destructo’s favorite play thing away – my boobs.  Yes, I’m becoming one of those moms who let her darling little boy suck and suck and suck all day long and he’s gonna be two in June.  There is no end in sight for this boob man so we’ll see how no boobies for him will all shake down next week.  I hope his withdrawal symptoms don’t include shaking and night sweats.  Yikes.

* Next week is going to be so stellar here at MWOB because I have an incredible line-up of posts from MWOBS and blogging mamas too who agreed to help me out.  You will not want to miss next week so please stop by and show some love.  Like you always do.

* I read something this morning that spoke to my soul.  It was so perfectly written – a reflection on mama hood that I urge you to go read it.  Heather from the EO is on the top of my list today with this one.   Go there.  I love it so much I printed it and I’m keeping it nearby when I need it.  And I will need it.  There is no doubt.

* On Ash Wednesday, I stopped eating sweets.  All sweets.  God, I hope I last. Because I know if I eat sweets during Lent, I’m going to hell. 

* I think I’ll have a yard sale tomorrow to try and get rid of some crap from our garage and make some drinking money for my girl trip.  Drinking money.  Ha. I love LA yard sale characters.  A great way to spend a Saturday morning. Chatting with characters.


I’m done.  Aren’t you?

Happy Friday!

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