MWOB turns 100 Posts Old Today – Come Sing Me A Song

It happened in the dark of night, snuck up on me and caught me off guard.  Yep, MWOB’S 100th post is here.  And I barely have had any time to plan the party. But as all supermom superbloggers do, we improvise.  

100 short posts ago I had no idea 100 posts could even be considered a blogging landmark, but now that I’ve been at it for 100 posts, I can honestly say damn, it IS a landmark of sorts. So celebrate we will.
I’ve learned a lot in MWOB’s 100 post existence and to be honest, the bloggy world is quite different than anything I had imagined it to be. But in actuality it is exactly as I should have imagined it to be because it is simply a representation of…well, us.  People.  Mankind. Which I have now affectionately dubbed “blogkind.”

“Blogkind” is every kind of person with every kind of story with every kind of motive with every kind of style with every kind of look with all kinds of beliefs and wisdom and perspective and knowledge to impart to the rest of blogkind.  We’re all tumbling around together on this great white blanket of words trying to relate and learn and express and just well, not feel so alone out here on our journeys. 

And I’m digging it.  Especially when I meet other like-minded souls out there and we communicate a bit.  It’s the best part for me really.   This concept of a global community is not better represented anywhere than in blogkind and the fact that a community can and does exist outside your own IRL (that’s “in real life” as a reminder) community is pretty damn cool.

So for MWOB’s 100th post, I could not possibly dare to rack my brain for 100 interesting and telling things about me.  ‘Cause as much as I like to fool myself on occasion that this is all about me, when I really think about it, it’s really about you.

You, my dearest of IRL friends who read me and support me; you, the moms without blogs out there who have dared to write a few words for the first time for all of blogkind to see; you, my new bloggy friends who have chosen to break through the comment section and drop me an email and start a conversation; you, who choose to leave a comment saying you laughed or you agree or you disagree or you share a point of view; you, the readers who I have no idea who you are ’cause you never leave a comment but I love ya just the same; simply, all of you who give this lil’ creative venture of mine some context, some life.

So since it’s all about you, I am asking you for MWOB’s 100th post to tell me something about YOU that I don’t already know.  Give it up.  Come out of the shadows and let me know you’re there.  Tell me something funny.  Tell me something sad.  Tell me something quirky.  Make my day by giving me a little bit of you.  Is that too much to ask?

And to show my appreciation for all of you yous out there, I am giving away something special that I think embodies what MWOB is all about.  One special commenter today will get this:

‘Cause you see, I really believe this and I hope you do too.  We’re all rock stars, all you mamas out there.  And you deserve to be reminded this on a daily basis. So even when you’re scrubbing and diapering and cooking and grocery shopping and middle-of-the-night taking care of and being screamed at and feeling unappreciated and feeling alone and wondering why in the hell you decided to take on this glorious job, you can have this little beauty hanging around your neck telling you to calm down, you really are a rock star.

This is my little gift – from one mama soul to another.  I wish I could give everyone one of these jewels but that’s for after I hit that jackpot, you see?

This gorgeous piece of hand stamped jewelry was created by a mama artist named Kristen whom I met somewhere along the way. So if you don’t win it, you can still cruise over there and get one. You can check out all of her goodies here.  

La Dolce Vita

And she’s offering 10% off to MWOB readers by entering what else? MWOB at checkout.

Whew – this is almost as long as 100 things about me.  Yikes.

All you have to do to win the “Rock Star Mom” necklace is comment below and tell me a little something about you.

Don’t delay blogkind.  We’re all in this together.

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