Real moms without blogs coming out in force!

Before I post Part Two of what I can only call a truly epic wagie ride for me and my crew, I am posting the wagie parades held by the moms that make my blog world go round – real, genuine moms without blogs.  

And I have taken the liberty of posting their names on Mr. Linky because really every mama out there deserves a spin on Mr. Linky. Am I right? Ohhh yeah. 

So all you moms without blogs who sent me your photos?  Check yourself out on Mr. Linky and tell me how you feel.  I mean, once you go Linky, you’ll never go back. So if you want to get that thrill that only Mr. Linky can give again?  

I suggest you go start a blog. 🙂

Here they are.  The beautiful wagie rides for Tuesday from our moms without blogs.

From Samantha and her children in Orange County, California. I think we witnessed the same miraculous rainbow on Saturday. I don’t know Samantha at all but I was moved by her tribute and her desire to share her experience with all of blogkind.

From my friend, Ames, in North County San Diego.  Her kids, Georgia and Franco, really got into the spirit of the wagie ride…with two dogs, a scooter, and even balloons!

From my friend, Kath, in Phoenix with her three kids, Brendan, Patrick and Nora, who know all about kids with cancer as their mom is a pediatric cancer nurse.  Their line formation is straight from a parade textbook.

From my friend Karen in Salt Lake City who knows all about caring for a sick child.  She hit the slopes with Sami, Abby and miracle baby, Penni.

I received the following email today from a mama named Cheryl from Gettysburg, PA, who, within the last year, has joined so many others who must watch their children battle this terrible disease.  I am so honored she decided to participate in this tribute to Tuesday even while she faces her own battle with her son.  

From Cheryl:  

The picture is of my son Mac. He had his 13th birthday this past December 31st. Last January after headaches and vomiting he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Mac has had multiple surgeries and has been receiving chemo since last Feb. In December we started having trouble with low counts. Currently his chemo is on hold. We go back for an MRI this Friday.

Tuesday and her family have wiggled their way into our hearts. I was soo happy it was warm in Parker, Colorado on Feb. 7. It was in the 50’s and 60’s here in PA too.

I will be keeping Cheryl and Mac in my prayers.


Thank you all you awesome moms without blogs!  And if you’re out there and you want to be heard, please know MWOB is here for you!!

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