T.T. – A "Wagie Ride" for Tuesday

You know when you get that feeling of helplessness? That feeling that you wish you could do something to right a wrong, to heal a hurt, to solve a problem but you really have no role in the matter? Well that’s how I’m feeling.

Like many of you out here in the blogosphere, my heart is breaking. We have all come across stories that shake us to our core and that is what has happened to me with the latest news of a tiny soul leaving the planet much much too soon.

If you’re familiar with Tuesday Whitt’s story, well you know. If you are not familiar, you can click here and browse through a blog that is written by Tuesday’s mama, Jessica Kate, a strong, faithful woman whose courage and love and personality simply jump off the page every time I read her words.

Every day last week held such a different vibe.  The highs and lows and hopes and fears of caring for a child with cancer were so evident with each and every post. When I saw that Tuesday had passed away on Friday, well…there were no words. As a woman and a mama, my heart could not shake the images of this darling Tuesday with her sweet magnetic smile.  My thoughts drifted to how any parent could survive the death of a child – but somehow they do. Somehow.
I read on Tuesday’s blog that her family is holding a celebration of her life this Saturday and they are inviting family and friends to meet at their home to walk together in a little parade to the memorial celebration held at a local equestrian center.  The family is encouraging everyone to come on bikes and in wagons because “wagie rides” were one of Tuesday’s favorite things to do.  

I believe in this community so I thought how can we gather in our virtual world to show our support for this incredible family?  How can we let Tuesday’s family know that we are with them in spirit?

A little conversation developed between me and my bloggy friend Em at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit and we have devised a plan:

We would like to hold a virtual parade on Saturday, February 7th, for Tuesday. We want each and every one of you to stop what you’re doing on Saturday and spend a little time with your kids on a bike ride or a wagon ride or a sled ride or a skateboarding cruise or a stroll in the park and to photograph it.  

Then on Monday, February 9th, we are hoping that you will post your photograph(s) from your own little parade and come back here or over to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit to drop your name in a great big Mr. Linky.  All in one place where we can see the power of this community coming together in a show of solidarity and support for one of our own.  

I also have high hopes of grabbing the photos and putting them in one master slideshow for the Whitt Family but let’s take it one step at a time.
We can’t be with the family physically but we can be with them in spirit.  Reminding them they are not alone.  That somehow, someway we are all in this together on the journey. Hopefully our prayers and our photographs will lift their spirits if even for a moment.  

What can you do now?  First step is to grab this button and spread the word.

(Thanks to Shauna and Bianca for pulling through last minute!)

Post it on your blog, tell your readers about the plan and let’s get this parade going big and strong.  I’ll have the button up all week directing people to this post and hopefully we can all get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, laugh with our kids, and wrap our arms around the Whitt family as they celebrate the life of their precious little girl, Tuesday.

Questions? Email me please!  leemwob AT gmail DOT com  

Blogkind rules.  All there is to it. 
P.S.  And all you true blue moms without blogs out there?  Well, you’re in on it too. If you want to be.  All you have to do is email me your parade photos and they will be posted here on MWOB along with mine.  I got you all into this scene so why not jump in a little further? 

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