Are you afraid of change?

I am not.

I actually like it.  I really, really do.

One of the reasons I was so deathly afraid to become a mother was I thought I would find myself standing in my kitchen one day with little kids running around at my ankles and I would feel like there would be no more change in my life. I would feel stuck. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Change is flying around so fast all around me all day long, I’m craving some stuck.

Will someone please stick me?

Somewhere? Please? 

I would like to get stuck preferably on my couch. With a plate of chocolate chip cookies on my lap. 

But since THAT’S not gonna happen anytime soon, I’m cool with the general vibe of change that circles around in my daily life.

I’m so cool with change actually that it’s time I change some things up around here.

Yeah, that’s right.  Around here.  Around this little white space of mine.  

Except it’s not gonna really be just mine anymore.

Change is coming.

I hope you’re not afraid.

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