Chapter Two: Eyes Wide Open

Chapter One of my life as a uh, blogger, I guess, should be named maybe – “Eyes Wide Shut.” No, I don’t even think I ever saw the movie all the way through, I just think it aptly describes what was up with me not so many months ago when I started this little space called Moms Without Blogs.

I dove in headfirst into a deep, wide, expansive pool that I had never really even laid eyes on before, and before I barely figured out how to cut and paste a picture to the right spot in my post in HTML-mode, I was swimming vigorously alongside the pros trying to figure out what a meme was and I was considering whether or not I should start using a vibrator just so I could write about it. 

The diving in was cool and all but before I knew it, I felt a certain drowning feeling.  And I was having trouble figuring out what it was. When I took the time to really contemplate this sensation of being pulled under, I started to realize that one of the problems I was having was that I had lost sight of why I even started this scene in the first place.  

I had always imagined it to be more of a community site. I never really intended it to be about me but that’s what it started to become.  And I wouldn’t trade the way it all started because I really think I needed to find my footing out here – my voice. And although I have a long way to go, I do finally feel much more comfortable being well, me.

But over the last month or two, there were enough signs that told me it was time to evolve.  Time to dive in again and try to make MWOB closer to what my original vision was.  And that means not one voice, but many. 

So here we are.  A new regime. Nine women who have made a commitment (yes, chicas, you have made a commitment to me) to write with the MWOB mission in mind.  (If you want to read more about the mission, you can click on our brand new “Our Mission” tab.) I feel strongly about the possibility of real community here on this site and these friends, both old and brand spankin’ new, are helping me to create that sense of “We are all on this mother journey together.”  And I am so damn thankful.

A couple logistical things – we’ve dropped the blogspot.  Out, out damn blogspot.  We’re all bonafide now – so is all you need.

We’re launching our own version of a blogroll called our “Affiliate Program.” The basic deal is that if you are a blog who supports our mission and you’re interested in sporting a “I Support Moms WIthout Blogs” badge on your site, we will happily reciprocate by posting a badge/button/link under the “Our Affiliates” tab.  This way readers will know that if your blog is listed, you are MWOB friendly. And you won’t scare us with your intimidating recipes and ambitious field trips. (Details will be up later in the week so check back under the Affiliates Tab.)
We’re still hosting the “Spotlight Interview Series” and you can read about that under the “Join MWOB” tab.  I am the one who will be conducting the interviews and now I will have more time to actually do them which I’m psyched about because I love conversing.  I really do. My fave. Really.

The new regime is listed over there in the sidebar and under the new “Who is MWOB” tab. Click around and get to know them and then come back and get familiar with their voices because really they have some good shit to say.  And they’re funny.  And strange. And thoughtful.  And smart. And most importantly, they are real.

If you’re a regular, I hope you keep reading. MWOB will still be what you have always loved… and more.

If you’re new, I hope you find something here that strikes a chord in you. And it inspires you to stick around.

If you need to move on to other blogs, God knows I get that too. We’re all finding our way out here hoping to connect with the voices that resonate within our souls.  But we’ll be around for a while so come on over whenever you’re feeling in the mood. 

So eyes wide open this time and jumping in again….but this time I can see the water.

Chapter Two has begun….it’s gonna be a good one.  I can just feel it.

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