Come along with me for a little ride, will ya?

Okay.  This photo post is ONLY gonna work if you can get into the proper mindset.

Can you possibly drop everything for a minute or two, let the real world melt away, and pretend that maybe you’re like 18-months-old again?

Is that too much of a stretch?

Even if it is.  Give it a whirl.

You got nothing to lose.  Except a few minutes of your busy day.

Okay here we go:

If you need to close your eyes for few seconds and take a few deep breaths to get you focused, that’s cool.  Go ahead and do it if that will help.  I’ll wait.

Good?  Good.

Okay, you’re in your toddler brain now.

You’ve been on the planet for a year and half. 

The world is fresh and new.  The images being thrown at you every single day are wondrous and thrilling.

There is much to squeal about.  

A trash truck picking up cans on your street is all you need to bring the hugest grin across your face.

And in the middle of yet another errand running trip with your mama, something crazy fun is about to happen. 

You’re about to enter a car wash.

And maybe your expression looks a little bit like this:

You’ve never quite done this before and you’re not sure exactly what to think when the big hoses turn on and start spraying the window just outside your reach.  It’s loud, it startles you, but then you think, oh, this is gonna be fun.

Here we go:


What a rush! What a thrill!

Even the super duper loud dryer thingy at the end that looked like it was gonna kill you was strangely thrilling!

And once you’ve settled back down from all of those sights and sounds, all you’re thinking is “When can we do that AGAIN mama?”

Hope you enjoyed your short yet tremendous adventure.  

Who needs Disneyland when you got car washes you can drive through?

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