Because we are connected

You didn’t have to click far this past week to read about yet another heartbreaking loss in the parenting blogosphere.  A beautifully breathtaking 17-month-old precious baby girl, Maddie, was gone all too soon.  And all too suddenly.  

As I came upon her story, I was completely captivated by her face.  Her eyes and that smile.  She looked like a little angel.   I can barely look at her now without tears brimming.  
I didn’t know her. I didn’t know her mom. Or her dad. Or anyone in her life. I had never even read her mom’s blog.  

But it doesn’t matter.

Not that long ago, I might have thought it would matter.  Or should matter.

But not anymore.

If I have learned one thing by jumping into this online world of blogging, it’s that we’re only as far apart as our hearts and brains keep us apart.  

As soon as we are willing to take that leap of faith to connect with other human souls whom we may never even get the chance to meet, our lives will be enriched and our sense of community will deepen.  

That is the greatest gift that this white space of the internet has given us.  A real tangible grasp at a global community.  A human community.  Blogkind.

So on this Easter weekend, as we celebrate rebirth and new life, a mother, not far from where I live, is grieving the greatest loss imaginable.  And we need to help. In any way we can.

Money is being raised to help the family with both funeral costs and life expenses as they take the time they need to grieve this devastating loss of their baby girl.  You can click on the button below to make a PayPal donation. Even $1 would be appreciated.

If you can’t offer any money, prayers will do.  

And spread the word.

We are mothers.  We are all in this together.

You can read more about Maddie on her mom’s blog or here.  

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