All I need to know……

My little Turkey Buns has done it.  

She has graduated to all-day school…..better known as 1st grade

As I sat with all the moms the last day of school and watched them fanatically snapping photos and tearing up I wondered what was wrong with meYou see, while it is a little bittersweet she is growing up, I chose to focus on how awesome it is to see all all of the things she is now able to do.

And I also chose to think about some of the things I learned from having a kid in Kindergarten this year.

1)     Girls are catty even at age 5
2)     Boys are confusing to girls………even at age 5
3)     Your teacher is always a goddess in kindergarten. They are made from a different mold     (trust me, I’m a high school teacher & there is a reason why)
4)     Reading is good. Until you read your Mom’s emails over her shoulder and cussing is involved.
5)    Homework sucks. Even in kindergarten.
6)    You may not worry about who has the biggest boobs or best car yet, but man, tooth loss is way cool.
7)    They MUST teach Spanish fluency and eye-rolling accuracy in kindergarten. Si.
8)    Playdates are a must in kindergarten…..or you suddenly become devil mom for playdate deprivation.
9)    Field Day is still the coolest day of the year.
10)  Kindergarten really brings out the little person in you. And you grow. And you seem about five years older when you walk out the door the last day.

So, I’m proud of my kiddo who mastered it all this year and was ahead of the curve.

I look forward to doing it all again with my other kiddo, who is an entirely different kind of kid, in another year. This kid at this year’s kindergarten graduation proclaimed “My Mom has the bleeds today!”

What a day to remember.  

Kindergarten Cop No More,

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