Casualties of the Recession: Old Navy Models and maybe My Brain

Written by Lee

Times are tough. A recession is looming or we’re actually smack dab in the middle of one. Friends of mine have lost their jobs, some have lost their homes, others have lost a small fortune in real estate investments, and most all of us are being forced to make daily sacrifices in order to provide for our families.

So in tough times like this, I look for things that relax me, bring me some comfort, make me forget about all of that stress that hovers right outside my door in the real world.

But when I was finally sifting through last Sunday’s paper like yesterday, I encountered this. And this was NOT what I would consider a comforting image. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more terrifying:

I had to do a double take to realize that these were uh, mannequins and not really really bad Old Navy models.

After I took a moment to digest some of the truly whacked out images of mannequins in Old Navy garb, I thought, “Wow, the recession has even hit Old Navy catalogue models. They have resorted to using mannequins instead of paying for real people to model their clothes that uh, real people wear.”

But as I stared at each model and spent a little too much analyzing each little set-up, like a mannequin standing in a summer scenario like by a lake and he was fishing, I was like “Huh. Are these life-size mannequins or are they really really tiny? And if they are tiny, how much would it cost to manufacture not only tiny mannequins but all of those teeny weeny Old Navy clothing replicas?”

I mean, that would surely cost a fortune, right? Like way more than just using real people to be their models and use the clothes that are already hanging in the stores?

I mean, this was totally irresponsible, right? Like we are in a recession. These mannequins don’t need to feed their families like us real people do, right?

Or do they?

These mannequin mamas surely look happy. Maybe Old Navy was having trouble finding models who would smile like that because we all just have too much stressful stuff on our minds. But now Old Navy is making it worse because the models surely won’t be smiling now because their jobs are being outsourced to mannequins

A vicious cycle has begun! Will the Old navy real life models ever be able to smile like this again? Their bank accounts are dwindling and Old Navy could have really helped out by just keeping them employed. The least Old Navy could have done is maybe employ the real people models to sew those eensy weensy clothes for their stiff replacements. At least the humans would have stayed employed!!

This leafing through the Sunday paper was not turning out very well for me.

But when I googled Old Navy mannequins to find some images for this post, I learned that this mannequin fiasco I had just encountered was not a product of the recession but was actually a kitschy ad campaign that IS costing millions!!!

I’m not sure what to make of what happened to my brain when looking at my Old Navy insert in the Sunday paper.

Maybe it’s all this recession stress or maybe I just need more sleep.
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