Happy Birthday to Nie Nie!

Written by Lee

If you don’t know Nie Nie, you should. I wrote about her here and if you go read that post, it’ll give you some insight into the relationship I’ve had with this woman and mom I’ve never met named Stephanie Nielson, aka Nie Nie. Well, today is Stephanie’s 28th Birthday. A birthday she came dangerously close to not having. And her story of almost not having a 28th birthday is about as miraculous and inspiring and heartbreaking as they come.

Nie is a mom and woman who exudes a lightness and grace and beauty in her very existence. Many of her posts have humbled me to tears as I sit in admiration of her strength and faith and sheer will to live. I have learned much from reading her words and witnessing her courage. And often after reading her, I will return to my mothering role with renewed vigor and commitment. And God knows, I need that renewal every single day.

So in honor of Nie’s birthday, there are a couple of fabulous Nie-like events going on that I just had to share. One you can only benefit from if you live in Provo and I wonder if there is even one MWOB reader that lives in Provo. Maybe Karen of MWOB could drive on over from Salt Lake City to partake in the Provo Benefit….

You just might want to click on over to the Sweet Tooth Fairy in any event because geez, that is one mouth-watering site. So for all of us other non-Provo peeps who want to honor Nie Nie, we can cruise on over to another delectable site called Conversations with a Cupcake where you will see this little yummy creature….

….and you can get all the details on how to indulge in Nie Nie’s love for yummy sweet things while also supporting a very worthwhile cause of the Arizona Burn Center (responsible for literally saving Nie’s life) and the Nie Recovery Fund (responsible for aiding in the ongoing expensive recovery of Nie).

So on this sunny summer afternoon, if you’re feeling grateful and generous and hungry for sweets, head on over and wish Nie, an exceptional woman, an exceptional birthday!

Happy 28th Birthday Nie Nie!

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