Love Lives Go On

Written by Sandie, aka Quirkyloon

“Oh no, no, no, no, no, nooo! Don’t talk that way, Hon.”

“It’s okay. I really wouldn’t want you to be without someone.”

“I can’t think about that. I just know I wouldn’t remarry. I don’t want another wife.”

(Nice touch.)

“Oh, Hon. Don’t think that way. You’re still relatively young and it could be a long, long time before your time is up.”

“No, I know myself. I just couldn’t.”

“Stop it! I want you to. You. Should. Get. Remarried. Just make sure she has a good heart and will love the boys.”

“I can’t think about this. And it’s not going to happen for a long time.”

“Let’s hope not, but in case it does, I want you to know I’m okay with it. I want you to be happy.”

“Well, maybe I would join LDSsingles.”


Well, that didn’t take too much arm twisting did it? Took about what? Two minutes?

“Yeah, I know some men who have used that service after their wives passed on.”

“Well then, would you like me to register you? Set up your profile? Shall we look at some potential partners together?”

We both laughed.

I’m still laughing.

This was a conversation that my husband and I had back in April or May of 2007. At the time, I was beginning treatment for two different types of cancer. They were two primary cancers, meaning that one did not spread to the other area. I really thought I had one foot in the grave (wouldn’t you?) and I had reconciled myself to it. I was not going without a fight, but I knew that cancer definitely had the upper hand.

Needless to say, I kicked her cancerous butt to the curb!

I’ve been in remission for over a year.

But I still like to bring up the whole thingy with the Hubs.

And we still chuckle and laugh about it.

Thank goodness he is technologically challenged and depends on ME to steer him around the interwebz.

He hasn’t figured out the little tool I have: View, Explorer Bar, History. I can see exactly where he has been on the internet. I’ve never even checked it out. (Honest!) Okay, once I accidentally did check up on him.

How was it accidental? Well, I was trying to find a website where I had been two days earlier and then noticed some strange urls, so I clicked and sure enough I knew it had to be my husband. It was all about gardening and compost tea recipes!


I do trust him.

But who knew Internet Explorer could potentially provide a source of comfort?

Not that I’m the jealous type.


I’m not.

But I do admit that I did make up a list of women whom he could not even consider marrying. You know acquaintances, divorced or single women we know right now. He rolled his eyes at me, but he agreed to it. (Darn better!) I’ve laminated the list and put it in the safety deposit box, along with our other important documents, so he won’t forget. As long as he doesn’t renege on this agreement, I won’t be turning over in my grave.

It’s so nice to know that when my time comes?

My soul will feel comfort and peace.

As long as she’s not cuter or skinnier than me!


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