No longer waiting to exhale.

Written by Em

With all due respect to Oprah (well, not really – lately, girlfriend has been sitting on my last nerve) I had an incredible “ah ha” day this past weekend.

It all began with a little impromptu driveway playtime with our neighbors. Sweat-headed Youngest (3) stumbled over to the chatting adults and requested his sippy. I politely gave him the usual response “one minute, baby.” He then ran back to join the fun. I proceeded to get caught up in grown-up talk and completely forgot.

Nice mama.

About 10 minutes later I look over and Youngest is chugging out of his Precious. What the hey?

Turns out Oldest (6) ran inside and got waters for both of them.

I swear to you the clouds parted and angels sang. I’m pretty sure I wept.

Oldest is a helper, a doer, a pleaser, but an initiator? This is a new slice of personality that I find fascinating. Not to mention somewhat freeing.

Later, my brother and his family came over for a little pool action. My sweet SIL is just days away from having their fourth and final (!?) child. I’m running around, trying to get hotdogs on the grill and cupcakes iced, when I look over and see Oldest washing an apple.

I decide to observe from the fringe.

He digs out a plate. Said apple is placed on the plate, along with two handfuls of blueberries and a couple slices of watermelon. He then heads to the outside table, and starts to eat his lunch.

Harps, people. I am talking full-on Alleluia Choir.

There are so many aspects of being a mom that I adore, but if kids could pop out of the womb, say maybe at, at least three years old (ouch, right?), I would have a baker’s dozen of these little suckers. Already binkie weaned, sleep trained and house broken? How awesome would that be?!

Then again, if Hubs and I hadn’t waded through the all-encompassing, completely dependent early years, could we be so happily embracing the next stage of life? The stage where we have “kids,” not newborns, babies, toddlers, but brilliant, absorbing, reflecting, participating little human beings?

As my brother loaded all his beautiful children (b/g four-year-old twins and two-year-old daughter) into their minivan, I watched SIL try to get comfortable in the passenger seat. My newest little nephew will be here soon, and I can’t wait.

But hell if I won’t be skipping down the sidewalk as I leave that baby in his own Mama’s arms.

I know this time is fleeting – the magical years where the Boys still kind of need me, yet move further out on to their own planetary orbit. And sadly, I’m fairly certain the Sippy Years will become quite sentimental when Tween Hormones rage.

But for now, I’m taking a very long, deep, cleansing breath after holding it in for way too long.

Bring on the fun!

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