BlogHer ’09 – In REAL Life

Written by Lee

A real post about this experience I am having at BlogHer ’09 is coming…

…as soon as I get a good night’s rest and have a few moments to digest some of the inspiration I have stuffed into my swag bag this weekend. And that’s the BEST kinda swag to pick up along the way for this chick.

For now, these pics will have to do to give you a glimpse into what happened when I met some cool blogger chicks in real life.

Check out me, Deb, and Heather of the EO at the sparkly, glittery, unicorn fest that MamaPop threw last night…

Deb and her pet flamingo, Heather, and uh, me.

Underneath her sweet exterior, Heather is a bad ass. Deb is as wild as they come.

Wish you were here.

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