Snip, snip

Written by Annie

There comes a time when you either decide to have more children or you decide not to. We’re at that crossroads at my house. Now, we aren’t opposed to a larger family, but we feel very blessed with the two children we do have, and as selfish as it may be, I really don’t want to be pregnant again. Top that factor off with the fact that I feel like we waited a tad too long for my spacing ideals, it was time to decide if we wanted to make it permanent.

My hubs has always been willing to do the big V, so we embarked on the urology journey last week to get the low down. After a brief, extremely detailed, stale old video, we met with the doc who explained “vas” procedures and protocol. I felt only slightly bad for my husband when he went into incision detail and talked about potential swelling and so on. Then I remembered I squeezed a child out of my vagina. Twice. And one of those kids was almost 9 pounds. That small incision didn’t warrant such sympathy after such thought.

Then came the bad news. The news that warranted sympathy……….for me. The urologist said that to assure “clearness” hubs would have to have 15 to 20 umm…… “releases” before the first visit 6 weeks after the procedure. Then another 10 or so in the month after before submitting a second sample.

15 to 20? Let’s do the math here. One week=no activity + One week=I’m out of commission due to a monthly visitor. That means 4 weeks or roughly 30 days to achieve 15 to 20 releases?!?!? Maybe another baby isn’t such a bad idea! After all, it only takes once!

Still weighing the pros and cons,

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