Craigslist, Good People, and Dave Matthews

Written by Lee

I’ve written before in this post about strangers how I generally have a clean slate mentality about people in life.  Like why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Like most people cruising around the world truly are good people so why not operate from that belief instead of assuming that people are out to screw you.  

Well, even though I try to put my clean slate foot forward, there have been plenty of instances where life has thrown me a curve ball and I realize that my trusting instinct has become jaded. In my recent Expressing Motherhood performance, I actually spoke about this very aspect of life for me – becoming skeptical about the intention of others.  

As a mother, the pressure and responsibility I have to set forth a set of beliefs and a course of action to my kids comes into sharp focus.  Do I want them to first question the validity, intentions, and safety of the situation or do I want them to first believe that all is right in the world and to move forward with trust?  

I know parents who constantly remind their kids of the potential evil lurking around the corner and that any stranger could mean danger.  I’ve made a conscious decision not to over-enforce the concept of “stranger-danger” because I want my kids to feel safe walking in their world. 

Their world.  

Sure, I want them to be aware. And to use good judgement. But if a child can not skip through their neighborhood park feeling carefree and safe, then I feel they are being robbed of an essential childhood right.  Of course as their mama, I am right behind them watching my kids skip carefree through the park but I don’t want to burden them with heavy thoughts as they live in their bubble of youth. The bubble of optimism and trust and faith in humankind.

As an adult who has traveled wide and lived fairly long, my bubble of optimism has been poked and prodded and busted a time or two, but when a new situation presents itself to me, I try to pump up my bubble and start fresh.  And more often than not, the stars align and the good people of the universe pull through to show me that having faith in them is indeed the way to go.

Case in point:

I love Dave Matthews. I just dig that dude and his tunes. I’ve had plenty of epic DMB live moments including one exceptional one on a warm Las Vegas October night at the first Vegoose music festival.  Whenever Dave comes to Los Angeles for a show, I usually drag my dude there to dance with me.  Next week DMB will cruise into town to play his first concert ever at the memorable Greek Theater in the Hollywood Hills.  My man and I have shared many a musical adventure under the stars at the Greek so I knew I did not want to miss this show.

Now being an overwhelmed mama of three, I never ever have it together enough to actually buy tickets when they go on sale.  I rely on Craigslist for all of our late concert ticket buying. There’s been plenty of bad press on all kinds of Craigslist evil and for good reason.  But when it comes to people selling tickets to concerts, I have had nothing but good luck.

So this past weekend when I started my DMB ticket search for next week’s show, I had my usual high hopes that I would get decent seats for a decent price.  What I didn’t expect was to find another soul out there who had a little of his own faith in humankind.

When this particular seller and I had agreed that he had what I wanted to buy, we tried to coordinate the exchange.  Tickets for cash.  But after a couple phone calls and some busy weekend plans, we were having trouble finding a time to make it happen.  

And that’s when he said – “Hey, why don’t you just give me your address and I’ll send you the tickets? When you get the tickets, you can send me a check.  You sound like a trustworthy person.”

Well, right. on.

Yesterday, my tickets arrived in the mail. I emailed him to let him know that I received them and I told him I will put a check in the mail for him today.  And I will. And he knew that.  And I knew the tickets he would send would be good for some groovin’ under a warm September LA sky.

And you know what?

That’s exactly how the world should work.  And I think it does work that way most of the time when I let it.  
Summer has taken its toll over at MWOB.  But Fall promises a new and improved scene over here. My kids start school tomorrow and within the next two weeks, we will have a plan in action for posting and some new stuff to reveal.  Thanks to all of the killer faith-filled MWOB readers. This little community is alive and well. 🙂

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