2nd Annual Happy Humpin’ Pumpky Halloween!

Last Halloween was a momentous day for this lil’ ol’ blog. It was the very first time that I received a comment from someone I didn’t know. I mean, doesn’t everyone remember the first time they got a comment from a bonafide stranger? It was a welcome sight after all of my family and friends leaving comments out of pity. So in honor of that first stranger comment anniversary and because I happen to chuckle every single time I look at these pictures, I am re-posting this Halloween extravaganza.


Beware of what you will see below.

It may frighten you on a variety of levels.

I, myself, am still very much frightened by what sits in our front yard this Halloween, and I’m even more frightened when I think what the neighbors might be thinking about it.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?

Have you ever seen a witch hump a pumpkin?

Can you believe that pumpkin stem????

But the absolutely, most positively, frightening thing of all about this happy witch is that my parents gave it to my kids a few Halloweens ago.

And it seems to me that they aren’t seeing what I’m seeing.

Happy Halloween!!

P.S. We have a famous ocean breeze that whips through our street even though we live a couple of miles from the water. Hence, the variety of positions we find our witchy in each Halloween season.

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