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Written by Lee

Sometimes people question me as to why I live in Los Angeles. “It’s so crowded, it’s so expensive, the freeways are ridiculous, the traffic is suffocating, the public school system is in dire straits, it’s dangerous, there’s no community….” and the list can go on and on.

But I know exactly why I live here. Because it’s a city where most everyone you meet is on their way to somewhere. Not literally. Not in physical space. But in their minds and hearts and souls. They are on their way to achieving the dream.

It’s a city robust with a population in transition, searching for opportunity, hanging out on the golden sand with the palm trees swaying overhead and reaching for the stars.

There’s an energy here that can not be denied. And I like bumping into people bursting with ideas and doing what they can to make those ideas a reality. This energy feeds me.

So today, I am letting the readers of MWOB know of an affiliate of ours who is in the process of bringing an idea to life. I completely and utterly support anyone who is making concrete steps to realize their dreams ’cause for me, it’s one of the reasons we’re on the planet.

Kimberly from Zook, Book, Nook is launching an online literary magazine for mothers called:

The Motherhood Muse

Kimberly is an avid reader and writer and nature lover and mother of two young girls (her second was just born in June!) and this idea came to her this past summer and it is already becoming a reality. The Motherhood Muse will be a place for mothers to convene and stretch their literary muscles as they explore the essential relationship between motherhood and nature.

I know for me that I dig nature like crazy. But I also don’t get out into it nearly enough. Kimberly has some ideas on how to get me back to the dirt by myself or with my kids so nature is not just a distant ideal but a reality interwoven into my daily existence.

Part of her mission statement reads:

“This site will help mother writers find freedom, creativity, and privacy in nature, which will encourage our children to play where the wild things are.”

Sounds kinda awesome to me.

So I encourage you to go check out The Motherhood Muse and cruise around and see what she’s got brewing. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, to extend your community of women writers and mothers, and to support another creative soul who is reaching for her stars.

Have a great weekend my friends….

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