Our One-Year Anniversary EVE…..and Happy Columbus Day!

….yep, tomorrow is the big day. One year ago tomorrow MWOB entered the blogosphere without a hint or a clue or a guess or an any ole’ friggin’ idea of what was to come.

And oh I am so much wiser now… or am I?

In any event, I’m taking today off from a regular post to spend some time contemplating and reflecting and pondering and thinking and deciding exactly how to celebrate this blogging milestone.

One year and we’re far from belly up.

We’re just hitting our stride.

So in honor of the big blogoversary, and in honor of Columbus Day (we’re off school so who’s reading blogs today anyway,) and in honor of all you adventurers and discoverers and pioneers, we’re enjoying the day off today!

But we’ll see you tomorrow for a special Tuesday post.

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