MWOB’s HOLIDAY DVD GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA! Night at the Museum 2, Ice Age 3 and more!

As you know we do not do reviews very often around here. It’s not our bloggy bread and butter.

But good stories are.

So when I was asked by some cool PR folks over here in LA to review some DVDs, I was all “Okay, we can do that.”

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought there was no better time to let you know of some good titles out and about and ripe for the picking. Wrap ’em up. Stuff ’em in some stockings. Give the gift of story and entertainment,

And the bonus to all of this? We have a lil’ giveaway action going on! That’s right. These cool PR folks have given me one copy of each of the following DVD releases. So check out what we’ve got and I’ll let you know how to enter a little further down below.

First up is…..

Yep, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian starring uh, Ben Stiller.

Do I need to say anything else to make you want to win this DVD?

If you dig Ben Stiller, (and I do – I mean, I am sorry but “Meet the Parents” is on my Top 10 Fave Flicks of all time) then you will love this Night at the Museum sequel. If you don’t win this DVD in our giveaway but you want one, I have some cool news.

Right now, there is a stellar Pre-Order Special going on at The DVD is selling for $9.98 instead of $29.98 and there is free shipping to boot! Whaaa??? Not sure how you can beat that deal unless you win it for free here. We are all on a tight budget this year, so this deal seems like a winner to me.

Next up…..

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

This one is near and dear to my heart because my kids are beyond in love with Scrat – that rascal of an acorn-chasing saber-toothed prehistoric squirrel. Really, whoever came up with that Scrat storyline that threads through all of the Ice Ages has earned their millionaire status as far as I’m concerned.

I can not tell you how many times my kids (ages 7, 5 and 2) have watched this movie since we got it. Maybe like 97 times already? Can you then calculate how much free time this movie has given me? Do you want some free time? Then this might be a good choice for you.

If you are unaware of the Ice Age phenomenon, get with the program! It’s a sweet tale of friendship, adventure and the lengths a couple woolly mammoths, a sloth, and a tiger will go through to help one another. You can read a whole lot more about it here.

For the younger kiddos, we have….

Elmo’s Animal Adventures

I know. Elmo bugs. Just kidding. Who doesn’t love Elmo? That furry, happy, high-pitched monster with his entourage of Mr. Noodle, Dorothy the fish, and that piano that incessantly plays “La la la la, La la la la, Elmo’s World…..

If you have a 2 1/2-year-old like I do, then your kid might be wearing some big ol’ plastic Elmo crocs around town, just like mine is. And your kid might have sat spellbound on your lap for two hours during Elmo Live, just like mine did. And your kid might like to play for what seems like an inordinate amount of time with those Tickle Me / Dance With Me battery-operated Elmo dolls, just like mine does.

If any or all of the above description fits your kid, then he or she will surely dig this sweet lil’ Elmo DVD filled with three sweet Elmo fun-filled adventures. Do you really want to hear the specifics of said adventures? I’m guessing not. If you crave more info, go here and read all about it.

And if you have a little Elmo fanatic like I do, you may want to enter to win this one. Or buy it yourself.

Our next title is in the tradition of true holiday classics….

Little Spirit: Christmas in New York

This was reviewed by mom without a blog, Amy. Here’s the lowdown from her:

“This DVD captured our attention from the beginning. Since we live in California, our kids have only heard about New York City and were fascinated with the sights, sounds and details of the city included in this animated holiday tale. Did I mention the animation was amazing?

This holiday tale comes to life when a Little Spirit helps a young boy on his journey to find his lost dog, but ends up finding the spirit of Christmas along the way. My kids were belly laughing at parts and in the end we were all smiling. This is a heart-warming holiday story and a great way to spend a cozy evening with your whole family.

Sounds like if you dig the wholesome family entertainment scene, and what mama does not, then Little Spirit is a sure winner. Win it here or buy it here.

And now for you hardcore documentary National Geographic animal crowd…..

Africa’s Elephant Kingdom and Queen of the Elephants from Animal Planet

My dear friend, Karen, a mom without a blog in Salt Lake City, jumped at the chance to watch over three hours of elephant documentaries. Because that is the kind of chick she is. And that’s why I miss her so.

In true former Emmy award-winning television producer fashion, Karen turned in a post-doctoral thesis on these two incredible elephant documentaries.

From “Africa’s Elephant Kingdom,” Karen says:

This first documentary was watched by my whole family – mom, dad, and three daughters – ages 14, 9 and 4. This is the story of a close-knit family of forty African elephants led by their “matriarch” as they confront everyday life raising their young, looking for sustenance and staying away from predators.”

“Amidst all of the kid-pleasing footage of wrestling baby elephants, there are compelling stories…”

“The camera angles draw you into both the breathtaking scenery and the intimacy that is an elephant family’s inner circle.”

“I would recommend this 38-minute program for any age.”

From “Queen of the Elephant,” Karen tells us:

This second documentary gives an eye-opening account of the plight of the Asian elephant as the population of mankind continues to explode in India and neighboring countries.”

“This documentary is long (approximately 2 ½ hours) and will probably not hold the interest of younger family members, but I found it very captivating.”

“I enjoyed this program and the revelations it constantly unfurled about these majestic mammals and the urgent need to find balance between conservation and the ever-increasing demands of mankind.”

“I would recommend this for teenagers and above – the story would be difficult for younger children to follow.”

If you want to read Karen’s entire elephant thesis, click here for your reading pleasure.

I personally am a serious fan of elephants so Karen’s review definitely peaked my interest. When I find three hours of free time lying around, I will watch it. You can enter to win a copy below or buy it here if you need your elephant fix NOW.


So now for the down and dirty:

Since I am a fan of simplicity, here are the ways you can enter to win:

1) Leave a happy comment telling me what DVD or DVDs you are interested in having stuffed in your stocking. It can be one title, two titles, or all of them. I will enter you once into each category.

2) If you tweet this DVD extravaganza, and tell me about it by perhaps @leeofmwob’ing me, you will get an extra entry into all of your categories.

3) If you can prove to me you can do a back-flip off a diving board or a steep rocky ledge, you will get an extra entry for each desired title.

4) If you say something meaningful about MWOB that makes me smile, I will give you an extra entry into each of your categories.

5) If you are the 200th follower of MWOB, or the 210th, or the 220th, or the 230th etc. etc. you will get an extra entry.

6) If you promise me you will tell a mom without a blog that it’s totally cool and okay to not have a blog, we will be eternally grateful.


Contest ends Saturday, December 5th, Midnight BST. (Blogging Standard Time)

Note: Be sure to leave your email if you are unsure if your comment will link back to you.

Transparency Clause:
We here at Moms without Blogs received these DVDs for free so we could watch them and tell you about them. But we made sure we got a copy to giveaway to you as well. And no we did not get paid anything else on top of the free DVDs to write this epic post. But I kinda wish I had gotten paid. No, not really because if this has brought any of you any joy whatsoever, then my hours at the computer will be all worthwhile. Probably.

Now go win.

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