My Life – Where The Christmas Cards Have No Names

Written by Lee

I have no idea why I think I can keep up with blogging and accomplish my Christmas shopping and everything else Christmas related.
Really. That is so insane.

I had high hopes for a creative Monday morning post but at 11 PM last night, the creative pistons were not firing. Plus any brain power I DID have last night was being spent doing some online searching and shopping.

My brain cells did get a few hours rest so they are up and firing this morning, but alas work awaits. As in my job. The one I’m actually getting paid to do. And I’m standing in a dirty kitchen in my pajamas at the computer getting distracted by my Google Reader. Priorities people. I have them.

I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I forgot to have our names printed on our family’s Christmas cards that I just ordered from Tiny Prints. I was so in awe of myself for getting on that Christmas card task and finding pretty good pics (I think) to insert into the card template that I liked and coming up with a witty little thing to write inside that I damn forgot to add OUR NAMES!!

So at like 3 AM, I’m lying there feeling like a dumb-ass and realizing that I have a few choices –

1) Assume the people we send our card to know us enough or will recognize us in the pictures that I can just leave off our names on the inside.

2) Write our names in with a sparkly holiday pen (or a Sharpie) on all 100 cards. Is this even an option?

3) Write one of those newsletter type inserts that I usually do write but usually only send to the people who have no idea what’s up with us (i.e. friends and relatives in faraway places) but this year I would instead insert one into every single card on our list. With our names signed on the bottom.

Am I over-thinking this? Does anyone care if you get a card from some people you clearly recognize and maybe even know dearly but their names are not on the card? Does that seem impersonal?

Or is it just par for the course for a generally overwhelmed supermama like myself?

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