I wanna smother him in kisses…..a You Capture Edition

We’ve grown up together. Literally. Met when we were just 23. When life was ours and dreams were for the taking.

We’ve taken many steps together never really knowing where we were headed but always knew we’d find our way….as long as we were together.

This past weekend, our Valentine’s Day was not spent as a couple in love. It was spent as a family in love. Me and my man and the three souls that love built.

The kisses we shared were not the ones that lovers do. They were smothering kisses over giggling smallish bodies. Kisses on outstretched puckered little-ish lips. Smiling pecks on pudgy rosy cheeks.

As I watched the man I fell in love with, married, and am still madly in love with do what he does best, I let the gratitude of finding true love seep deep into my soul.

My dude. Being a daddy to our kids.

For me, it doesn’t get any sexier than that.

Sledding Hill Help

Phoebe Ride

Sweet Skier and her Daddy

Daddy and Tommy

The Hot Tub Boys

And I had to throw in this extra one of him and Claire practicing their dance moves for their
first ever Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Day Dance.

Excuse me while I melt.

Prepping for the Dance

So yeah, all of this?

Makes me super thankful that I get to smother this guy with kisses.


Those kind.



This has been my first attempt at a feature called You Capture over at Beth’s I Should Be Folding Laundry. The theme was “Kisses” and I know I was supposed to take pictures of literal kisses but uh, I went with my own interpretation. I might get kicked out of the carnival. But it was fun all the same.

And tune in tomorrow for another edition of “Conversations with My Kid.” If you’re posting
a conversation you’ve had with YOUR kid, you can link up and join the fun!!

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