My Story of Moments – A You Capture Edition

What is a photograph?

What is it really?

It’s a moment.

So when I saw that this week’s You Capture theme was MOMENTS, I was all, okay. Yeah. But ALL photographs are moments.

But as I thought more about it, of course I realized that some photographs tell the story of a moment better than others.

And that’s what makes a photograph captivating for me.

The story of a moment.

I have to be honest. I did not keep this theme in my mind all week as I picked up my camera to photograph. I didn’t really have the brain space to do it. We spent the weekend at Disneyland and wow, talk about over-stimulation.

But in between the chaos of all of the typical Disney-posed shots with characters, there were moments that I will remember forever.


As we waited in line to meet the fairies at Pixie Hollow, there was a stream of water shooting over the path where we stood. The kids started anticipating the water coming and splashing them. And I could not get enough of the moment when the water hit.

Three Kids Waiting

3 Kids Splash

These two of Claire were taken just a split moment apart.

Claire Waiting


And at Disney Playhouse Live, my little boy’s outstretched arms hoping to catch some
bubbles just makes my heart burst with love.

Bubble Boy Joy



This has been an edition of You Capture over at Beth’s I Should Be Folding Laundry.

And tune in tomorrow for another edition of “Conversations with My Kid.” If you’re posting
a conversation you’ve had with YOUR kid, you can link up and join the fun!!

Here’s to some epic moments in your day….

16 Responses to “My Story of Moments – A You Capture Edition”

  1. Jen says:

    Your kids are adorable!

  2. Life with Kaishon says:

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE these moments you captured. So special. And wonderful. Wow. Just wow! It looks like you had a fantastical time. Lovely!

  3. Erin says:

    The happiness is just overwhelming! You must've been ready to explode watching them.

  4. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    Your kids are some SERIOUS cute.


  5. Em says:

    I got teary at little man and the bubbles. Seriously.

    When do we lose that unabashed joy?

    Speaking for myself, of course 🙂

    Oh how your family of three makes me want another! Curse you woman.

  6. sdwaard says:

    The non-character moments are usually the best! The bubble photo is a wonderful capture of childhood and the joys of simplicity! Thanks for sharing.

  7. ZDub says:

    Your kids are so cute!

  8. JoAnn says:


  9. WackyMummy says:

    These photos made me smile. =)

  10. Diana...aka...MeMe says:

    I love your last capture… what a great moment!! Beautiful subjects to photograph! You are blessed!

  11. Boy Crazy says:

    Ok, now those photos are heart-melters. Seriously dude.


  12. The Happy Housewife says:

    I love, love, love your moments! The one of the boy catching the bubbles made me smile!

  13. elizabeth says:

    love your photos –
    and I am kinda like everyone else here – loving the bubbles –
    thanks for stopping by and your kind words.
    Hope you have a great weekend –
    looking forward to more posts!!

  14. LceeL says:

    That bubble shot is amazing – and the related text is heartwarming. 14 years ago, we took our boys to The Big Red Boat and then DisneyWorld. All I can say is, digital cameras make a WORLD of difference in our lives now – that we don't really realize, yet.

    Thank you – for sharing yours.

  15. Amy says:

    Beautiful moments to capture. You did so good!!!

  16. Sarah says:

    Oh the cute cutie cute.

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