Conversations with My Kids – The NBA Playoff Edition

On Wednesday night, I was giving Phoebe and Tommy a bath and out of the blue, Phoebe says to me “Mama, who are you voting for – Boston or Florida?”

It took me a minute to even know what she was talking about, but of course, she was talking about the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

For the record, I am a sports fan. I love watching sports. College football (USC Trojans), pro football (the Arizona Cardinals), basketball (Phoenix Suns), Tour de France (Lance Armstrong), baseball (not a fanatic but I lean towards my childhood team the Chicago White Sox or whoever is in the World Series), Stanley Cup hockey, World Cup soccer, etc etc. I just love watching any sporting event when it’s playoff time.  I don’t get into everything in the regular season but when big stakes are on the line? The level of performance is just addictive for me to watch.

So back to Phoebes in the bath….

“Oh Phoebes, wow. I didn’t know you were into basketball.”

“I like watching it mama. I like how fast everything goes and I like seeing the score change so fast.”

I gotta be honest. My insides smiled at the thought of my little love fairy being a sports fan.

“Well, Phoebes,” I replied to her original question, “I guess I’m voting for Orlando.”

“Oh good. I’m voting for Florida too.  Because Auntie Shelli and Nana live there. That’s why I’m voting for Florida.”

“Me too,” I said.  “But Phoebes, you know what team I’m really voting for to win? The Phoenix Suns.”

“But they’re playing against the LA Lakers!? How can you want them to win?”

“Because I grew up in Arizona and I’ve always been a Phoenix Suns fan!”

“But you live in LA now!!” she cried.

“I know, Phoebes, but it’s hard to like the Lakers when I’ve been a Phoenix fan for almost my whole life,” I answered.

“But I like the Lakers because I was born here and I want you to like them too!!”

She actually seemed genuinely upset that we would be on opposite sidelines with this match-up but I wouldn’t budge from my position.  I mean, even for my daughter, I would not budge from my Phoenix Suns loyalty.

“Well, Phoebes, I’m gonna vote for the Suns but I won’t be mad if the Lakers win, okay? Because I do love LA. The city.”

“Okay mama, you love LA?”

“Yep, I love LA.”

That seemed to make her feel better that at least I loved the city of LA. Because I really do.

Last night we were all hanging out on the couch watching Game 5 of the Lakers vs. Suns.  My man, Claire and Tommy were all cheering for LA.  When Phoenix scored, to my complete surprise, Phoebe said “Go Suns!!!”

When I looked at her with a shocked look on my face, she simply smiled quietly at me acknowledging her decision to come on over to the other side and cheer with her mama.

My sweet Phoebes. My NBA-loving love fairy.

Now, go Suns!!!


Who watched that game last night? Heartbreaking!!! So close!! At least we’re in it. I love a competitive series.  Nothing bothers me more than blow-outs. Boring.

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Happy Friday!!

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5 Responses to “Conversations with My Kids – The NBA Playoff Edition”

  1. Hel says:

    Go the SUNS!!! We were able to watch that game all the way over here in Australia. My husband is from Mesa and becomes VERY disappointed when he can’t watch the playoffs.

    It was such a thrilling game – even I got into it.

  2. Karen says:

    I love Phoebe! My kids are all UCLA and Dodger fans, of course. Even Penni who has no idea when she shakes her pom poms and says “Go Bruins!” what she is really talking about.

    I say start the brainwashing early. How else could I live in this house if my kids started “voting” for the Trojans?

  3. Amy says:

    That girl is a little ray of sunshine. So, so sweet.

  4. Ash says:

    We might have to move to LA or Pheonix for a winning team, because rarely do I get to say Go Hawks!

    That’s Atlanta.

    Yes, they do too have an NBA team. (not a Mavericks fan)

    For Phoebe, I’ll cheer for L.A. So sorry about the Suns.

  5. Julie says:

    LOVE this story! Hopefully, Phoebe will be uncomfortable cheering on the other side of her family so that she never votes for the Bruins or Irish! Just kidding (sort of) 😉

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