Green Backgrounds – A You Capture Edition

It’s summer right? Am I the only one lazing out in blogland or what? Days are drifting by while my computer remains closed. But there’s nothing like a little You Capture to bring me out of my summer haze cave.

I love You Capture because it forces me to look at my photographs with a new eye.  I do not claim to be a “photographer” (whatever that means) but I do enjoy taking photographs.  Call it what you will.

I have chosen to experiment with the color green. It was one of the You Capture theme choices.  Last week I got to hang out with my kids in a very green place – an amazing guest ranch near Solvang, CA (north of Santa Barbara).  My in-laws started this tradition two years ago.  This is our third summer spending a week there and I have to be honest, it’s a tradition I didn’t know I needed.  But I’m kinda addicted.

This guest ranch is called The Alisal and it’s magical up there.  It really is. At least my kids think so and in turn, so do I. Isn’t that how it works when you’re a mom?  You see all kinds of magic you never saw before? Yeah.

My focus is using green as a background. I thought it was kinda cool to decide to only think about using green as a background in my photos. Once I started looking at these pictures with that focus, I realized how much fun I could have choosing different colors to use only as backgrounds.  It really does give these photographs new meaning for me.

So here’s some green for you to ponder at The Alisal….

Alisal 2010

The green backdrop of The Alisal

Claire is 8

My freshly-birthdayed 8-year-old cowgirl with green glimpses

Phoebes on Cactus

My still 5-year-old cowgirl in the shade of a huge green tree

Alisal 2010

Six feet on a green lawn before dinner

Alisal Bridge and Tommy

My freshly-birthdayed 3-year-old cowboy in a green paradise

Claire and Daddy riding

Daddy and Claire heading out to the greenish trail

Grumpy Phoebes

A grumpy overtired Phoebes seeking refuge on a green bed

Claire's Special Skipping Rock

Claire and “the best skipping rock EVER” in front of a limey background.

(She later dropped the rock on a hayride. She cried.)

June 2010

Grandpa V and Tommy seeing the green sights

I must say I am seeing green in a whole new light.


What a cool week to jump back into some blogging summer fun. Check out
Beth and her You Capture phenomenon for green things and more.
How’s your summer shaking so far?

16 Responses to “Green Backgrounds – A You Capture Edition”

  1. AK says:

    WOW! IS all i can say.. The pictures are breathtaking. The kids look super cute!

  2. Ashley says:

    These are all wonderful shots…photographer or not, wonderful.

  3. Huh, how funny! I’m from Santa Barbara! Glad you’re having some fun up our way!

  4. Amber says:

    🙁 my dumb work computer won’t let me see your pictures but I’llcheck again from home tonight.

  5. zoe says:

    I totally feel the same way about you capture, it gets me thinking about new ways to take photos and forces me to pick up the camera.
    That looks like such a wonderful place to holiday! Your kids would love it!

  6. Elaine says:

    I love this idea – of the green background. Nice work. And I think you are a photographer of sorts. You know, whatever that means… 😉

    p.s. your kids are very cute!

  7. I love the grumpy phoebes. my fave for sure.

    glad to see you back here. 🙂 but even gladder that you’re having such a good time that you’re computer is staying closed.

    i’m the opposite these days — i guess i’ve had a lot to say lately.

    miss you. I’m going to keep my eye on warm-me-up tickets to LA for this winter. whaddya have to say about that?

  8. Jen says:

    You might not call yourself a photographer, but I love how your photos capture your children. Just beautiful. 🙂

    • Lee says:

      You know what? Great point Jen. I actually love many of the photographs I have taken of my kids. So maybe I’m a photographer of “my kids only.” 🙂

      Hope you had a Happy 4th!!


  9. Hollie says:

    These are so sweet. love the one lying in the grass.

  10. Clare B says:

    Love your take on the green theme – made for some really interesting pictures. I especially like the one of grumpy Phoebe. The colours of her dress contrast perfectly with the green grass and her facial expression is priceless. lol.

  11. Catherine says:

    I love the first two pictures of your girls. Actually I just scrolled back up to look at all the photos again and I love them all. The greens really are striking.

  12. swirl girl says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been in bloggyland…

    Beautiful photos of your freckle faced lovelies!

    enjoy the green while you can- in SoCal..all will be brown soon enough!

    • Lee says:

      Hey lady! Wazzup? I haven’t been around bloggyland either in a while. Life has been taking over but I’m rolling with it…..hope all is well in your non-bloggy world. 🙂


  13. Amy says:

    Love the green backgrounds but love the faces more! Those are some awesome shots!

    Can’t wait to see some of your work from Catalina.


  14. Ash says:

    LOVE this.

    What makes someone an official “photographer” any way? People liking your pictures? Then you’re the Annie Leibovitz of the blogging world to me – simply stunning.

    And Oldest sends his sympathy to Claire. He says he would have cried too. (and he totally would have – the boy loves to skip rocks)

    Hope you’re enjoying your week!!

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